Kamala Harris Aide-Turned-MSNBC Host Pleads


Despite reports that Donald Trump had taken some White House items to Mar-A-Lago home, Hillary Clinton, the former first lady, also left the White House with permanent artifacts. She never faced any consequences.

Breitbart News reported in 2015 that Bill Clinton and his wife left 2001 with an extravagant gift-giving spree, but also took property from the White House permanent collection.

According to Sally Bedell Smith’s 2007 book For Love Of Politics:

The Clintons’ financial disclosure forms showed that $190,027 in furniture, flatware and china was theirs. This amount is almost half of what they acquired during their last year. They also took property that belonged to the permanent White House collection. [Emphasis added]

There were ethical questions raised when Hillary Clinton was sworn into office as senator on January 3, 2001. She accepted gifts substantially exceeding $50. This is illegal as a senator.

She claimed that she received the gifts at Christmastime before she was sworn into office, evading any possible consequences. According to the Associated Press (AP), she also claimed that the gifts arrived while she was still first lady.

The Washington Post reported Tuesday that the National Archives and Records Administration had retrieved a number of items from Mar-A-Lago, which Trump allegedly brought home when he left the White House. Among other things, some of these items include cocktail napkins and maps.

Donald Trump spoke out about the FBI raid that took place Monday at his house. He highlighted the fact that Hillary Clinton brought home many expensive items after she left the White House in 2011.

After being subpoenaed, Hillary Clinton was allowed acid wash and delete 33,000 E-mails. Nothing has been done to hold her responsible. Even antique furniture and other items were taken by her from the White House. [Emphasis Added]

Breitbart News also pointed out that the former Secretary to State had mishandled classified information via her private e mail server, but has not been punished.

Trump’s Mar-A-Lago residence was raided Monday night. It was reportedly because Trump wanted to take home classified information from the White House.

Trump declared, “These are dark days for our Nation as my beautiful home Mar-A-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida is currently under siege and raided and occupied by large groups of FBI agents.”

Politico reported the raid:

Two sources familiar said that the raid was connected to claims that Trump’s aides improperly removed boxes containing presidential records from the White House after he left office. Some of these records may have contained classified information. According to one source, the raid took several hours.

Kash Patel, a former Trump administration official, stated in May in an interview with Kristina Wong at Breitbart News that the documents had been “already classified by then-President Donald Trump but that the classification markings hadn’t been updated.”

Trump was reported to be at Trump Tower in New York City during the raid.

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