Kamala Harris Is Bound and Determined to Prove She’s the Worst Politician in Modern History

AP Photo/Abbie Parr
Kamala Harris was back in public on Monday, and she was bound and determined to justify her position as the worst politician in modern history. Appearing in Raleigh, NC, Harris was in mid-season form while attempting to talk about the administration’s policies toward small businesses. Not to spoil anything, but those policies are bad. Really, really bad. But I digress, Harris does this thing when she’s speaking where she assumes everyone in the audience is an idiot. The end result is that she sounds like a kindergarten teacher exposing a five-year-old to the wonders of the world for the first time.

HARRIS: Let’s talk about how you get a “line of credit.” Who of us grew up with our parents talking about a phrase “line of credit.” These are things you learn, if someone takes the time to teach you because they know.

Absolutely breathtaking insight from the vice president. Apparently, and you might want to sit down for this revelation, you learn things if someone takes the time to teach you because they themselves know. I had no idea. Her comments just got dumber from there. I have no idea what she’s actually trying to say in that clip. According to Harris, small businesses are intergenerational but also span the generations. What does that even mean? It sounds like a staffer just handed her some big words prior to the sit-down and told her to use them as often as possible. Of course, no Harris public appearance would be complete without one of her patented word salads.

HARRIS: We are doing the work that is about collaborating around the small businesses that will need to do the work that will be the result of all the trillions of dollars we’re putting into the infrastructure of our country, including the almost trillion dollars that we’re going to be putting into a whole new economy that is called the clean energy economy.

Well, alrighty then. Glad we got that cleared up. Her speaking style is just so terrible. It makes Hillary Clinton seem personable and charismatic. Whichever advisor told Harris that talking to people as if they are all mentally challenged is good politics needs to be fired. The repetition of words, the talking in circles, the incessant word salads, the overwrought explanations of everything. All of it provides evidence that Harris is a historically bad politician with a historic inability to appeal to audiences. And she’s probably going to be the Democratic nominee in 2024. That’s good for Republicans, I suppose.


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