Kamala’s Message to African Leaders Is Profound..ly Embarrassing

AP Photo/Abbie Parr

Joe Biden’s behavior is constantly inspiring discussions about elder abuse and the 25th Amendment.

He gets lost, has no idea what he is saying half the time, and has to be led around by bunnies and children to get where he needs to go.

But while there are certainly all those concerns, when one looks at his second, Kamala Harris, that might give anyone pause, because of her issues. First among them would be her speaking problems. Joe Biden’s chief issues are lying, ignorance, and incoherence. She shares the common issue of not knowing what the heck she’s talking about. That might explain why she has such speaking difficulty.

Let’s listen as Harris speaks profoundly at the US Africa Leaders Summit in Washington, D.C.

She praised the young African leaders for their energy and ambition. “Simply put, your ability to see what can be, unburdened by what has been,” she intoned. Um, what does that even mean? She has this way about her that she thinks what she is saying is profound, but then it doesn’t say much, which is why she has come to be known as “Word Salad Kamala.”

But at least she means to praise the visiting leaders, right? That’s special, right?

Well, it might be. Except it’s not so special when this seems to be part of her stock remarks, something that she says all the time. She’s given it many times, including to Latino elected officials in Chicago in June of this year, as I wrote. Even Marianne Williamson found that “kooky” and when Williamson finds it kooky, you know it’s bad.

But that wasn’t all, as video editor Maze showed in this clip.

Notice Kamala even coordinates it with the same repetitive arm motions each time.

I think that she received so much criticism over her speeches, that they figured the way to resolve it was just to have her repeat the same thing. When you repeat the same thing over and over, maybe you don’t trip over it. But that just looks ridiculous when she does that. I’m not sure what they’re paying her speechwriter, but the person isn’t earning her money with things like this. Of course, that has to be balanced out with the challenge of who she’s writing for. So we have to give her that.

Maybe if they want to get a better handle on what’s happening in Africa, they shouldn’t repeat the same thing Harris says to everyone. The Biden team could answer questions from African reporters and outline their plans, rather than skipping over them and fighting with them.

But it’s horrible to think that as bad as Joe Biden is, Kamala is his backup.


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