Kamala’s Stepdaughter Flashes Her Breast on New York Catwalk


Fashion Week is back in New York and anything can happen. It doesn’t have to. Ella Emhoff (the stepdaughter) of the vice president of America walked the catwalk with her exposed breasts for the entire world to see. It was not a wardrobe malfunction. The “blouse” Emhoff modeled looked more like a poorly tied green scarf than a shirt.

According to The New York Post, “The trendsetting 23-year old strutted on Saturday’s runway at UN Plaza in a sheer green top that left one breast exposed.”

Kamala Harris’ step-daughter Ella Emhoff bares breast on NYFW runway https://t.co/hvbzHJmyJM pic.twitter.com/BWw3Vws9Um

— New York Post (@nypost) September 11, 2022

Emhoff isn’t the first Democrat girl to display her assets in a public manner. Alexandra Kerry stunned everyone at the Cannes film festival in 2004 when her father John Kerry was running to be president. Alexandra’s black sheer one-shoulder gown showed that she was wearing only a pair of white pants underneath. Although Kerry, the younger, was there to premiere her film at the festival, she couldn’t deny that she made a conscious decision not to wear a transparent gown despite her father’s prominence as the Democrat Party standard-bearer. He lost the election to Republican President George W. Bush.

2016 was a year when Democrats attempted to make Melania Trump’s early modeling career a problem. Melania, then twenty-five years old, had been nude modeling since 1995. She was still a European citizen, though the standards were lower than in the United States. Nudity is extremely common in Europe. She also didn’t know she would be the FLOTUS one day. Melania’s early career choices, which she didn’t have to make, should not be held against her. Meghan Markle’s raunchy 90210 scenes in 2008 when she was trying to get her acting career started, shouldn’t be criticized. How could Markle know she would marry a prince and be a duchess one day?

Emhoff, or more specifically, her family, knows exactly who she is. She is the daughter and stepdaughter of the vice president, the second gentleman. They gave her permission to expose herself at UN Plaza in New York City. This is just one of many ways that these people intentionally disrespect the highest office of the United States, and the country.

You might be wondering how Emhoff, who isn’t very eye-catching, got a job as a model. This administration is able to leverage family connections for profit if there’s one thing they know. The Post is the answer to our mystery:

Emhoff was first noticed by the fashion world after he wore a Miu Miu coat to President Biden and Harris’ inaugurations on January 20, 2021.

Elle Magazine once called her fame “just the wildest thing.”

It’s wild. It was so unexpected and completely out of the ordinary. Totally.

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