Karma Will Not Be Kind to the J6 Court Commies


The House Soviet Select Committee on Dad Issues has received generous support from two Republicans who have had their reputations in the toilet for a while.

What is the purpose?

In retaliation for Donald Trump’s disruption of Granny Maojackets’ coronation plans in 2016.

This is how it all started, anyway. Democrats are a unique group, and they continue to find ways to redirect their attempts to weaponize the federal government. Matt has more information about their new focus.

There is only one reason any network will air these pointless, blatantly political hearings. It has nothing to do with the so-called rebellion. It is to help the Democrats in the coming midterms.

This isn’t an assumption. They have already admitted this. “Jan 6 Hearings Give Democrats a Chance to Recast Midterm Message,” reads the headline at the New York Times about the hearings—showing absolutely no shame that government resources are being used for blatantly partisan purposes.

The report stated that Democrats are planning to use “made-for-television” moments and a carefully choreographed rolling out of revelations over six hearings “to convince voters that the coming midterm election is a chance for them to hold Republicans responsible for it.”

The article quotes Democrat legislators and operatives who admit that the hearings were held to distract voters away from historic inflation and astronomical gas prices.

You can forgive me if you have lost track of the many desperate attempts made by the Dems to avoid electoral slaughter in November. According to rumors, Caltech has a team that keeps track of the results.

They won’t be saved by the J6 sham. As we said yesterday, the GOP is set to give the House majority to the Democrats.

It’s also true that only lonely shut-ins are paying attention to this perversion to justice. They believe Rob Reiner adds intellectual worth to the American political conversation. These same people fear being eaten by Reiner and don’t make good decisions.

We saw that the Democrats can lie for long periods to the American public in order to get through their Daddy Trump issues. Matt wrote another story yesterday describing how this seems to be more of the same.

To put it mildly, members of Congress who waste taxpayer money to spread a false narrative they hope will influence an election are the worst people in America. We are in a proxy conflict with Russia, mothers are unable to feed their children, gas prices are out of control, and these people are screaming Orange Man Bad.

If there were any journalists left in mainstream media Adam Schiff, Liz Cheney, and the rest J6 buffoons, they would all be being raked. Schiff is the worst since he was the one who perpetuated the Russia collusion lie in Congress. Trump is his Captain Ahab-like obsession.

We all know what Ahab did.

History should not be harsh to anyone, but at the moment we don’t live with any historians who are honest.

It is still my belief in a world that has consequences. I hope those who actively seek to destroy this great country will be punished, perhaps in the form of political marginalization for a long time.

Please hurry up November, our country can’t keep going much longer under ridiculous Democrats.


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