Ken Paxton Scorches Biden Administration for ‘Aiding and Abetting’ Mexican Drug Cartels

AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez, File

The debate over the border crisis is still in full effect as the surge of foreigners crossing the border continues. The Biden administration has been under constant criticism for its inability, or unwillingness, to do anything to solve the problem.

Texas, along with other border states, has borne the brunt of the problem. The state’s officials have been vocally critical of the White House’s negligence when it comes to securing the border. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who has been an ardent critic of the president, accused the administration of “aiding and abetting” Mexican drug cartels at the southern border during an appearance on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

During his appearance, Paxton explained that the border crisis is “costing us billions of dollars” and that it has caused “increased human trafficking, drug trafficking.”

We have literally thousands of kids dying from fentanyl overdoses that don’t have to die because we have the cartels having an easy line into Texas and an easy line to get into the country. And so it is having a significant impact, and it is going to spread beyond Texas, beyond the border states. It is an American problem. And I think it’s clearly caused by the Biden administration.

Paxton also criticized the Biden administration for hampering efforts to prevent illegal immigration, noting that it is “cutting down our fences” and “cutting down our wire.”

And instead, we’ve got the Biden administration, as I said, aiding and abetting the cartels, encouraging the cartels to make billions of dollars and to bring as many people here as fast as possible and as soon as possible. That’s what the Biden administration is doing. They’re not just not doing their job. They’re actually encouraging the opposite.

Last month, the House Homeland Security Committee conducted interviews with eight border patrol officials. Part of the discussion centered on how the cartels have thrived under the border crisis. The interviews highlighted that the border crisis has resulted in cartels exerting unprecedented control over the southwest border and have raked in $13 billion just from human smuggling alone in 2021. The cartels have used the crisis to divert agents’ attention away from their drug smuggling operations as well.

Earlier this year, Secretary Mayorkas admitted before the Senate Judiciary Committee that he was unaware of the method used by the cartels to overwhelm border agents in order to sneak aliens and drugs across the border—a tactic described by the chief patrol agents in these interviews—and he even admitted that he was unaware of their use of wristbands to keep track of the illegal aliens being smuggled and trafficked.

Paxton’s contention about the White House helping the cartels rings true when looking at the facts on the ground. Allowing this issue to persist has made it easier for the cartels to continue their operations, which has had a devastating impact on many Americans due to the rate of fentanyl overdose deaths.


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