Key Players Identified In Break-In of Florida Mansion Worth $8 Million


Authorities have identified the “key people” in the Florida burglary. A group of more than 200 teens hosted an unannounced party in a Florida house on Friday.

“We’ve found the key players, and we’ll interview them today,” Walton County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Corey Dobridnia told Fox News Digital.

She stated, “We are narrowing today who was the ringleader of this crime and who could be charged.”

Santa Rosa Beach’s owners were absent last Friday as a large party was held by a group. They consumed thousands of dollars of wine, liquor, and even $1500 worth of champagne.

They staged an impromptu boxing match in the foyer and stole many valuables, including a purse worth $3,500 from Yves Saint Laurent and a signed football of Peyton Manning (former Colts quarterback).

Most of the teens are local and some were given up by their parents, school officials, and neighboring police departments, Dobridnia said.

The unsanctioned house party was advertised on social media five days prior to the break-in. The locks on the accordion glass doors that lead to the backyard were pried off, then the front door was opened to let in the intruders, officials said.

The home has an alarm system that was armed at the time, according to Dobridnia. The upscale community of WaterColor also has a 24-hour security patrol. “It doesn’t matter our security system,” the owner said. “They came in my home illegally and uninvited.”

Police were called to address this after receiving noise complaints.

Fox reported previously that the owner was a stay-at-home mom who said, “It wasn’t the material objects, it’s the memories.”

Unwanted guests were discovered in every bedroom and tried on shoes and swimsuits.

She stated, “It was an absolute violation.” “The lakeside property had an infinity pool and was listed on Zillow at $7,950,000 before the rager.”

Any information is welcome from the authorities at Walton County Sheriff’s Office (850-892-8111), or Emerald Coast Crime Stoppers (858863-TIPS).

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