KJP Channels Her Inner Kamala, Delivers Rambling Minute-Long Word Salad on Border That Says Nothing

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre did her best Kamala Harris impersonation Thursday – albeit without the giggling – as she went on a one-minute rambling monologue about the negotiations that are underway regarding policy regarding the disastrous southern border.

There was lots of blame to go around, no accountability, and exactly zero actual facts or solutions.

It’s actually kind of hard to talk non-stop for a full minute; give it a try sometime in your free time.

Earlier, she had quickly ushered National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby off the stage when he was unable — or unwilling — to answer questions about why some illegal immigrants are being assigned court dates… in 2031.

Jean-Pierre was actually asked a tough question:

Reporter: I understand you don’t want to negotiate from the podium, but can you tell the American people if there’s any immigration policy that this White House is willing to talk about and is working on with Republicans?

KJP proceeded to launch into her monologue and attempted to say the word “negotiations” as many times as humanly possible. Watch:


So I want to be really careful as negotiations happen, we don’t want to do this in the public, right? It does not help the process, and so we want to make sure that those negotiations are happening.

Fair enough. Not sure why she needs to make sure those negotiations are happening, though — they either are or they aren’t. 

Next she tries to convince us that President Biden gives a whit about the border when in reality he’s spent his entire term opening the floodgates:

Obviously we’re part of those negotiations with, with the Senators; we think it’s going in the right direction. [Seriously?]
We want to make sure that we get to a bipartisan agreement, it’s incredibly important. The president understands. He understands that we have to fix this immigration system. It has been broken for decades now. 

And so we have to do everything that we can to fix that system.

Then she goes into full-on ramble mode, seemingly thinking that by saying “negotiations” over and over she’ll satisfactorily explain away the abysmal failure of the Biden administration in this matter:

And so we’re going to have those conversations — and you’re right, it’s not just about funding, it’s also about policy discussions that they’re having and so don’t want to get ahead of it. And let’s not forget this is the President that has had these types of negotiations or been part of these types of his team certainly has been part of these types of negotiation, negotiations for some in different obviously in different in different subjects and legislation. 

So that has happened for for the last two, two, almost three years and they’ve been successful. 

It’s unbelievable that she can say with a straight face that negotiations have been “been successful.” There is not a single success at the border she can point to; in fact, there are close to 300,000 illegals crossing monthly as record after record is broken monthly. 

But don’t worry, Biden and Co. are going to keep at it. “So we’re going to continue to do that and stay steadfast on that,” Jean-Pierre concluded.

“Good point,” says someone from the WH House Press Corp. Our journalists at work, folks.

Biden’s failure at the border may be his enduring legacy as the effects of the vast influx of illegals will change this country forever, not to mention the reality that they’ve created enormous security risks. The fact that she can go on like that without saying anything of substance and call the bungling administration’s efforts “successful” is stunning.


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