Kristi Noem Calls out Biden Administration for Demanding Transgender, LGBTQ+ Inclusive School Lunch Policy


Kristi Noem, South Dakota Governor, is suing the Biden Administration over their “mandate” to ensure that all schools comply with Title IX- the interpretation of Title IX by the United States Department of Agriculture – which ties transgender people and LGBTQ+ to federal school meal funding.

Title IX, which prohibits discrimination based on sexuality in education programs that receive federal funding, is something many people don’t know.

Gov Kristi Noem And Peter Schweizer Tonight On Life, Liberty & Levin, 8 Eastern on Fox

— Mark R. Levin (@marklevinshow) July 31, 2022

Noem joined Fox News host Mark Levin for “Life, Liberty, and Levin” in order to explain the situation. She stated:

“The White House threatened to seize all school lunch resources for underprivileged and poor children if we didn’t follow their mandates.”

“So it’s fascinating to me that they not only hurt my timber contracts to crush mine lumber industry but also have mandated certain activities on federal lands such as National Parks or Bureau of Land Management Practices. They are not only willing to harm children, but they also propose higher taxes and increased spending”.

Noem said that Trump could have supported her on offense, but that now her administration must be on defense.

It never ends.

She said, Under Trump, she was:

“Out there with the president that was letting me do my job, I was able to focus on economic development, make sure that our state was lower, make sure that regulations are that we’re low taxed.”

“It’s been an absolutely fundamental change since Joe Biden entered the White House.”

“We are leading the country through our economy. Our children outperform every other state. The educational outcomes are also excellent.”

Tom Vilsack, Agriculture Secretary, claimed:

“USDA is committed to administering all its programs with equity, fairness and serving those who are in greatest need with the highest dignity… Rooting out any form of discrimination–including that based on gender identity and sexual orientation–is a key step to advancing these principles. We must also recognize the vulnerability and offer an avenue for them to grieve any discrimination”.

He said, “We hope that we can help bring about much-needed changes by standing firm against inequalities.”

The USDA claims that Title XI is tied to federally funded school lunches because it is fair and equitable.

Recent statements by Todd Rokita (Indiana’s Attorney General) regarding this matter were:

“We all know that the Biden administration wants to impose an extreme left-wing agenda upon Americans, but they’ve taken this tactic to hold back food assistance for low-income kids unless schools follow their lead.”

It is clear that Noem, 22 state attorneys general, and others are ready to fight this tooth-and-nail.

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