Left And Right Celebrate Tulsi Gabbard Leaving Democratic Party


Tulsi Gabbard, a former Democratic presidential nominee, caused a stir on social media today by announcing that she was quitting the Democratic Party.

The former Hawaii congresswoman made the announcement on her YouTube channel “The Tulsi Gabbard Show” She said that she could not stay at a party run by an “elitist group of warmongers” motivated by “cowardly wakefulness and anti-White Racism.

She continues to accuse Democrats of being “hostile towards people of faith and spirit” and “law-abiding Americans”, in regard to their positions regarding crime and immigration.

Gabbard asked fellow Democrats to join her in resignation. She did not indicate that she planned to join another party.

Twitter commentators and journalists quickly reacted to the news. Liberal commentators, hosts and hosts on networks like MSNBC also celebrated the move.

MSNBC host Katie Phang mocked, “Wait, you were a Democrat? ?You could have fooled me. ”

Louise Mensch from Britain said that Gabbard wasn’t “ever” a Democrat. Mensch stated, “Dosvedanya Tusi nobody is going to miss you.”

Thor Benson is a Liberal writer who responded to Gabbard with a meme about someone wearing clown makeup.

Sirius XM podcast host Dean Obeidallah replied simply, “Bye Tulsi. ”

David Mack, senior BuzzFeed reporter tweeted a mock headline “Noted Republican Tulsi Gabbard Has Left The Democratic Party.” ”

Mehdi (MSNBC host), who previously accused Gabbard of doing “all the-the-right-wing stuff,” said, “Surprise!” ” “It is a shame to admit that I told Gabbard this… but I did tell him so. ”

Gabbard’s departure is also celebrated by liberals, who adopt the sarcastic phrase “Bye Felicia”, as a fashion statement.

Conservatives also welcomed the announcement.

Meghan McCain, former host on “The View,” posted: “Congratulations. You are one of the few remaining independent thinkers in the world. “We are here to help you. Keep going!

Ed Morrissey, Hot Air’s managing editor, posted: “Don’t feel shy @TulsiGabbard. Let us know how you feel. Before Gabbard’s first remarks, “This could also be how many disillusioned Dems feel right now,”

Will Chamberlain, senior counsel at the Internet Accountability Project, cheered the news and wrote: “Democrats got Bill Kristol. We are going after Tulsi Gabbard…Winning.” ”

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, tweeted: “Praying for Tulsi and that many others see the light.” ”

The moderate Democrat’s criticisms of Biden’s administration as well as her opposition to the “woke” ideology within her party have angered the left.


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