Left Eats Left: You’re Going to Love the Fetterman Response to Ceasefire Activists

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

John Fetterman has shown he’s had a lot of problems in Congress. 

When your Democratic buddies try to change the dress code just because you refuse to put on pants, there might be an issue. That effort was ultimately put down when the Senate as a whole passed a formal dress code saying that yes, people had to dress professionally. 

He also recently went on late-night television with Stephen Colbert and did himself in, as well as his colleagues, with what he said, which was quite accurate. 

However, he’s also shown that he’s not marching along with the Squad in their anti-Israel positions. 

He should have called out their names. Of course, we know who they are — the Squad Democrats. But it’s probably astonishing that he called them out at all given the cover that Democrats seem to provide each other. That was more than a lot of Democrats would do on the matter. And he’s right it’s pretty disturbing that any of these Democrats would take this position.

But I wanted to point out something else of note that happened at Fetterman’s office in Philadelphia on Thursday. About 100 protesters showed up demanding that he support a ceasefire in Gaza. They were from leftist groups including Jewish Voice for Peace. 

They chanted “Fetterman, for shame,” among other things. 

I’m thinking what’s sick is calling for a ceasefire that helps terrorists who targeted and killed more than 1,300 people. 

One of the activists posted about the protest, claiming that the Fetterman people had expelled them from his office, “with no warning.” 

What was funny in a left eats left moment was Fetterman’s chief of staff Adam Jentleson just eviscerated that claim in response. 

“sorry [sic] if this does not fit the narrative but our state director heard these folks out until they had nothing more to say,” Jentleson said. “then they hung out in the lobby for a while until other tenants complained (we share a building) and they were asked to leave by security. but hey you do you.”

That offended the activist, who then basically confirmed what Jentleson said about who booted them. 

But Jentleson wasn’t done flaming them yet, who called them out for “deception.” 

“what gets me here is the deception,” Jentleson complained. “a hostile reception is sexier, which is why protestors seek to get arrested when they don’t need to. contrary to that, these folks were listened to by our staff, but then tried to say we “expelled” them. protest all you want, but don’t lie.”

Jentleson also said “no” when an X user called on Fetterman to demand a ceasefire. 

While Fetterman may have a lot of issues, he and/or his people certainly have the ceasefire issue right and they’re willing to call out the ceasefire activists. 


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