Leftists Pounce on Trump’s Supposed Gun Purchase


Former President Donald Trump is in campaign mode as he makes a bid for a second stint in the Oval Office. That means he goes to a lot of places and talks to a lot of people.

As noted on Monday, that involved a trip to a gun store.

During the visit, he made a comment about wanting to buy a custom Glock with his face on it. As Cam noted, Trump can’t legally do that right now.

Others in the media had questions as to whether he did or not as well.

Donald Trump’s playbook every time he flies in for a rally or even during this campaign is to stop off at a restaurant where he hands out a few food items to the cultists who fawn over him.

It was a little surprising today, though, when he stopped in at a gun shop to purchase a Glock pistol with his face etched onto the side of it. He told his aides twice, “I want to buy this gun.”

The first question is, did he actually buy the gun? The reason why we have to ask this is that he has, on more than one occasion, loudly proclaimed that he was buying food for people only to have them later report that it was never actually paid for by Trump or his campaign.

Not to worry, because shortly thereafter Marge Greene and her boyfriend, Right Side Broadcasting’s Brian Glenn, confirmed that they were present and he did purchase the gun. They were asserting this to gush over the fact that Trump was demonstrating what a strong supporter he was of gun rights.

Except as Cam noted on Monday, CNBC looked into it–and they’re not exactly Trump fans–and found that no, he didn’t purchase the gun. Further, the “confirmation” in question from Marjorie Taylor Greene?

It was this:

That’s not exactly confirmation, now is it?

Plenty of leftists took the Trump team’s claim seriously as well.

Some are arguing that this is just the right-leaning media trying to cover for Trump because he committed a felony. The thing is, we actually understand how gun laws work.

Trump made a comment about wanting to buy the gun, but the videos I’ve seen just show him holding it and discussing the gun in question.

And that’s because while the gun store in question likely wouldn’t bring up the felony indictment on camera, they’re not going to sell a firearm to someone when they know he can’t legally buy one. If they did, they’d risk losing their FFL.

Considering how Biden’s ATF is treating every paperwork error as the equivalent of selling machine guns to the cartels, no one is going to risk their livelihood doing that.

Anyone who thinks for even half a moment and has even a passing understanding of our gun laws would realize that.

The problem for them is that the narrative is too good to question. They love any “gotcha” they can find with Trump, so they take an off-hand comment, a really terrible tweet from a member of his team, and construct an entire narrative around whether or not he did buy the gun.

But at the end of the day, it’s not just Trump involved in a potential transaction, and it’s unlikely the other party would risk everything just to make Trump happy.



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