Leftists Really Don’t Like Lauren Boebert’s Proposal for More Time to Read Bills Before Voting on Them


Lauren Boebert is a Colorado Republican who has a brilliant idea. Legislators need to do their jobs…but many leftists seem to have problems with this.

It seems that to be elected to Congress requires a lot of reading. The bills they propose can have direct consequences for their constituents. You would be wrong.

This is an alarming statistic. This is a frightening statistic. Forbes stated that politicians who don’t read bills are not representative republics.

It is a problem even for Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (a New York Democrat). After James McGovern (D–MA), Chairman of the House Rules Committee, refused to provide paper copies of the 5,593-page bill for $1.4 trillion COVID relief legislation, she spoke out.

“This is why Congress must spend the time to read this package before it can get voted on.” She complained that we are told to expect a vote within two hours.

It was one of the few times she and Ted Cruz agreed on anything…before she accused him of attempting to murder her.

Boebert posted a proposal on social media. She suggested that rules be changed to make it “the people’s house” instead of “Pelosi’s house”. This would allow her to function as a super-legislator.

Boerbert then proposed something that should be common sense. Introducing bills in the dead of night and then demanding they be voted on that day needs to come to an end, and she proposed a minimum of five days between the bill’s introduction to the vote on it. She also noted that if the bill was an emergency and needed to be passed immediately, then it should require a two-thirds vote. She also suggested earmarks be banned once more.

This should not be a problem, despite your views on Boebert. Most of us agree that it is important to bring elected officials under control and make sure they aren’t allowed to spend taxpayer money without being paid.

However, it was Boebert that put it in his mouth, so the left isn’t taking it seriously. Boebert couldn’t accept the request.

Boebert was attacked by leftists including media members. Uproxx claimed that she was “triggered”, while Politicususa said that “reading is difficult.” Another user on Twitter suggested that Boebert quit tweet trolling and that she stop fundraising so that she could read the bills. This mocked Boebert’s GED.

There are many others, but you get the idea. Her suggestion is to force officials who work for us to do what we expect.

Boebert reacted on Twitter to all of the hate.

“Democrats being outraged that I’m pushing to force a five-day period for legislators to actually read legislation before they pass it tells you everything you need to know about how they think the government should work,” she tweeted. “Know what’s in the bill BEFORE passing it. Pretty simple.”

She is right. It is hard to believe that Congress wouldn’t actually read the bills they pass. It would make our nation much healthier if they did their job.


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