Leftists Steal Teen Preacher’s Bible, Eat Pages of it to Protest Matt Walsh Event at University of Wisconsin


A copy of the Bible was stolen from a street preacher by leftists protesting an anti-transgenderism activist Matt Walsh, University of Wisconsin. One protester even ate some pages of the Bible, further desecration that was quite unusual.

A hundred protestors gathered on Monday at Madison’s campus to voice their dismay that Walsh, a conservative who views transgenderism differently, was invited to speak and screen “What Is a Woman?” His wildly successful documentary about the dangers of so-called gender transition, “What Is a Woman?” was a huge success.

Many of the protesters used leftist tactics to protest: they defaced monuments and buildings and chanted illogical rhymes. They also harassed Christians who expressed Christian values.

But at least one protester went further than harassing a street preacher. They took his Bible and started to tear pages from it. One protestor was so seduced by the Scripture pages that she decided to eat them for a mid-afternoon snack.

You can see the incident in the video below. At the:04 mark, the unnamed female with bright pink hair and bright brown eyes stuffs the Scripture pages into her mouth. She is just before another black-clad protester blocks her view.

Nick Proell was a local teenager who came to the protest to share his faith with others.

Proell said, “It was my personal Bible that I used every day.” “At church or Bible study, to preach, you can name it.”

Proell said that he bought the Bible for $100 late last year. Proell said that he took the Bible with him to the event to help “sinners who hate God and love sin” convert to Jesus.

He believes transgenderism is antithetical to God and the godly creation.

“God chooses uniquely who we are and what purpose we serve,” Proell explained that God decides whether we are a man or woman. “Men were not designed to cut off their penises and become women. It is foolish to play God.

The message was not received well by protesters who shouted “sexist, racist, and anti-gay Christian fascists go away” and “eat ***, F*** you” at Christians on the street.

Proell confessed that he had put down the Bible briefly while being distracted by the crowd. The next thing Proell knew, the Bible was gone.

Proell claimed that protesters stole more than $1,000 worth of A/V equipment including batteries, chargers, and microphones.

Matt Walsh had some harsh words for the leftist vandalism and protests. Walsh first condemned UW administrators for “apologizing” to vandals and taking their sides, which Walsh called the “worst cowardice [he] had ever seen in a university.”

Walsh then made a direct pitch for his countrymen.

He tweeted: “Well, you could be on the side which eats and castrates children,” “or you could be on literally any other side than that one.” America, you have the option.

Walsh was hosted by Young America’s Foundation chapter at the University of Wisconsin.


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