Liberal Billy Eichner Lashes Out At Straight People After His LGBTQ Movie Bros Flops


Billy Eichner is furious at straight people who did not show up to his gay rom-com, “Bros.” The liberal actor is also blaming homophobia for the movie’s dismal box office opening.

Eichner is best known for hosting the comedy show “Billy on the Street” on truTV and the website Funny or Die.

Movieweb has the synopsis of the movie. The official synopsis for the movie states that it centers on two gay men who struggle with their commitments and then stumble upon love.

Universal Pictures claims that the “Bros” movie features a “completely LGBTQ+ main cast. Eichner told the Hollywood Reporter that “the entire cast should be openly LGBTQ+ actors, even those in straight roles.”

Dave Rubin’s content has been freed from tech censorship. The Rubin Report can be accessed now.

Luke Macfarlane (actor) said that he enjoyed the raunchy nude scenes performed with Eichner, but was not interested in being spit on by him.

“We had an intimacy coordinator on Bros’ but Billy and I felt really comfortable” Macfarlane stated, “They both gave permission to do it.”

Variety reported that Macfarlane stated, “I believe there was a moment when Billy was like, “Should you spit on each other?” “I was like “Nope.

IMDb noted that the movie’s dialogue featured two LGBTQ characters:

Tamara: Oh my god! Do you guys still remember straight people?

Cherry: It was a great run.

“Bros,” failed despite huge promotion by legacy media, and glowing reviews from critics. The debut of Eichner’s LGBTQ movie at the box office was disappointingly low at $4.8 million.

According to Hollywood Reporter, “It did little business in the South and many other parts of America. ”

Eichner has previously expressed his disgust at Republicans, Christians, and former President Donald Trump via Twitter.

The $22,000,000 production budget Eichner used to make his film, which he starred in and directed, was enough to produce the movie.

Following the disappointing box office results for “Bros”, Eichner made a slur about straight people. He implied that anyone who doesn’t want his LGBTQ movie was homophobic.

Eichner wrote on Twitter that “Even with glowing Review, great Rotten Tomatoes Scores, and an A CinemaScore, straight people, especially in certain parts of the country just didn’t turn up for Bros.” Although it’s disappointing, it is what it is.

He urged everyone to go to BROS tonight. This is a rare opportunity to see the story on the big screen.

Eichner used this tactic in August to shame people who were homophobic for not seeing his movie.

Eichner stated that he needed everyone to be there on September 30, because homophobes like Clarence Thomas and other homophobes on the Court need to know that we are open to gay love stories. We won’t let homophobes drag this century. They are past and ‘Bros is future.

Eichner attributed the failure of his films to straight people, but other LGBTQ movies have performed well at the box office.

Gay Times has compiled a list highlighting the top LGBTQ movies. The top-performing LGBTQ movies were all listed by Gay Times.

The trailer for Bros is below:

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