Liberal Thought Leader Roasted By Critics Accusing Her Of Not Knowing How Government Is Funded


After Nina Turner, a progressive activist, took to social media to claim that taxpayers would not be on the hook to pay for her plan to forgive federal student loans, critics took aim at Turner. In response to Turner’s Sunday post, conservative commentator Tim Young stated that he didn’t know from where the federal government receives its money.

Young disagreed with Turner’s argument about student loans being forgiven wouldn’t harm taxpayers. Young argued that it would be more cost-effective to not forgive these debts.

Critics were quick to question Turner’s logic and ask where she believes that government funds originated.

Turner’s failed bid for Congress was criticized by others.

Turner did not respond to a Fox News request for comment.

This viral moment occurs as the Biden administration continues to debate how to best forgive federal student loans. Monday’s announcement by Secretary Miguel Cardona, Education Secretary, was that a decision would be made before the end of the month.

Current borrowers who have been able to benefit from almost two years worth of payment suspensions since the pandemic are reminded that this deadline is crucial. This suspension will expire at the end the month and borrowers will have to start paying federal student loans again


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