Lifelong Democrat Clergy Leader Denounces AOC, Urges Hispanics To Support Her Opponent


A former New York City councilman and senator joined the growing number of lifelong Democrats who are refusing to support Rep. Alexandria Ocasio­Cortez or Gov. Kathy Hochul, and supporting New York Republicans.

Ocasio Cortez’s constituents booed Ocasio Cortez for her radical agenda during a recent town hall. The Q&A session was a disaster.

“You are a coward. Aren’t you a progressive socialist?” One speaker exclaimed, “You have done nothing.” “Tulsi Gabbard displayed courage where you had shown cowardice,” another speaker stated. “I believed that you were the thing I wanted to fight for and that you became my enemy.” ”

AOC informs MSNBC’s Hayes about how ‘White Nationalism’ is threatening Americans by ‘fascism and a return of ‘apartheid’.He stated, “She lost her me a very long while ago when I opposed the New York City 25,000 Amazon jobs. ”

Diaz said that Ocasio-Cortez’s Amazon opposition was one of the reasons he chose to support Tina Forte for her Republican challenger. Ocasio-Cortez’s open border and anti-police policies were also mentioned by Diaz.

Diaz is also the president of New York’s Hispanic Clergy Organization. Piro was informed by Diaz that Ocasio Cortez’s radical policies and hispanics are moving away and they are now looking for her rival.

Diaz stated he supports Rep. Lee Zeldin, (R-N.Y.), in tightening gubernatorial race with Democratic New York Governor. Kathy Hochul stated that Zeldin and other Hispanics are supported at the polls.

He said, “I believe Lee Zeldin should be our next governor and Tina Forte should be our next Congresswoman.” 


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