Liz Cheney Hits All the Shows to Attack Trump, but Ends up Accidentally Throwing Biden Under Bus

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Democrats are concerned that former President Donald Trump could win and they’re throwing a lot of things against the wall to stop him. 

The latest gambit from liberal media is to feature former Rep. Liz Cheney, who seems to be hitting every show she can in the last few days. We reported what she said last week, but she’s gotten even worse as she hit NBC, Rachel Maddow, and Morning Joe this week.  

The talking point? That Trump and the Republicans pose a threat to the country if Trump gets back into office. 

Cheney says it’s about whether we still have “democracy” claiming that Trump would ignore court rulings, and appoint who he wanted regardless of whether he got Senate approval. It’s ridiculous fear-mongering to demonize Trump. 

Yet everything she says just exposes the real problem from the Democrats — that the fears she talks about are things Biden has done.

Let’s talk about preserving “democracy.” 

It’s an incredibly concerning thing that for the first time we have such a prosecution of the leading political opponent in an election. But that doesn’t seem to concern Cheney. She says she’s concerned Trump wouldn’t leave office. But he left. She claims that he attempted to “seize power,” but contesting the result is not the same thing as attempting to “seize power.” 

She says he wouldn’t listen to court rulings, yet it’s Biden who all but ignored the Supreme Court’s ruling regarding student debt, and proceeded to try to get around it anyway

She says Trump would appoint people to office not approved by the Senate. Yet, it’s Biden who has done so with the GAO saying that Biden has had people serving in office unlawfully. There’s a lot of focus in the impeachment inquiry on the Biden family financial scandal. But there are other potential violations here of not Biden not acting in accordance with the law.

Cheney reiterated that thought on “Morning Joe” on Tuesday morning. 

If you think someone is “unraveling the fundamental structures and systems that make us a nation of laws, so there won’t be any guardrails to stop him,” you’re probably explaining why we should not vote for Biden. 

The idea is to stoke fears over the threat Trump presents, to whip the left who might not come out for Biden because of so many failures based on their hatred of Trump, if nothing else. 

This was truly funny and it shows you how worried these people are about losing power. So much so that Cheney and Maddow will throw in together. 

Yet, it isn’t Republicans or Trump threatening “democracy” by trying to jail their opponent and prevent him from getting back into office. It’s the Biden team leveling prosecutions against Trump. The effort is blatant and it’s one of the things contributing to Trump’s high numbers in the polls, because people see it. 

Cheney doesn’t seem to have any problem with Democratic election deniers. But here she truly hypes up the fear. 

We already saw what Democrats tried to do to stop him after he won in 2016 — they spread Russia collusion, they tried to suborn the electors, they objected to the electoral count for some of the states. 

So I have a question: what will they do if Trump wins? 


  1. Liz Cheney is a disgrace to America. She is blinded by hate of a president who did more for America and her people than any democrat ever did. Her hatred just brings out her stupidity and her disregard for the party she claims to belong to. She needs to be cited for misinformation, lies, and behavior unbecoming of a republican. She blames Trump for the failures of biden and the democrat party because she is a left wing nut job rino. She has no proof of the rhetoric she spews, she’s also mad because her Jan. 6th sham is falling apart around her.


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