Liz Cheney May Have Just Put the Final Nail in Democrats’ Coffin in Ohio Senate Race


J.D. J.D. RealClear Politics shows the race is skewed slightly in favor of Republicans by RealClear Politics.

Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball indicates that the Ohio Senate Race is leaning Republican. Decision Desk Headquarters also sees this. Ryan is a progressive who votes 100% alongside Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi. This would mean two radical Democrats will be elected to represent Ohio, which voted for Trump 53-45 in 2020.

Enter Liz Cheney (D-Unemployed).

Harriet Hageman, a Wyoming Republican who was defeated in August’s primary by Trump-backed Harriet Hageman, came out Tuesday to endorse Democrat Tim Ryan. This could have been a mistake that could have hurt Ryan’s chances.

Cheney stated that he wouldn’t vote to elect J.D. Vance during a Cleveland State University panel discussion.

Cheney said that although we could say “Look, Biden economic policies are not policies that we would support” and that it was possible to say that, but that those who oppose Donald Trump’s election will embrace the actions and words of the former President, as well what we know about his willingness and ability to do and what that he did. ”

How is it possible for a far-left Democrat to be elected in order to promote the goals of less government and lower taxes, and a strong national defense? Cheney won’t tell us. But her obsessive focus and obsession with the January 6th Riot has made her very unpopular among Republican voters.

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