Local Low Information Voter Very Mad At Trump For Ruining City Run Exclusively By Democrats for Decades

AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

If there is one thing Democrats are not, it is critical thinkers. Furthermore, when challenged about their lack of cogent thought, they get very offended. So we see in this latest story shared by Michael Seifert, founder of ‘Public Square’

As one does, he struck up a conversation with a guy while down at the beach. Right away, the guy let his Trump derangement fly. When Seifert questioned him a bit further, it became quite clear this man had literally no idea what he was talking about. Good thing he can surf because using his brain is apparently out of the question.

If he gave it back, what would he have to complain about?

Sad, but true.

Once again also proving money does not buy intellect.

Every once in a while, you may be able to plant a seed. 

No matter how many times this is pointed out to people, they never seem to grasp this concept.

Oh, there is a whole lot of untreated mental illness out there.

Apparently, a whole bunch of Americans are fine with decline they know rather than trying something new that may turn things around. They are so afraid of change, they will just continue to defend mediocrity.


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