Louisiana Democrat Running For Senate Highlights Effort From Party Leaders To Stifle Election Chances


A Democrat running for Louisiana Senate representation has accused his party, accusing them of working against him. He says that his party needs to clarify its message ahead of the midterm elections.Gary Chambers, a Black candidate for the Senate, stated that he ran to improve the lives of Louisianans facing economic hardships in a Fox News Digital interview on Thursday. He also noted some of the obstacles he faced along the way as a Black candidate, particularly those within his own party.

Chambers claimed that he received the endorsement of the executive committee of the state party. However, when the party was about to vote on Chambers’ endorsement, the Democratic State Central Committee (and Katie Bernhardt), the chairperson of the state party, stopped him from being the only candidate endorsed.

Chambers also accused Bernhardt, who he said to him last year that a Black man couldn’t win in Louisiana statewide.

Chambers noted the importance of getting Democrats to November’s polls, and claimed Bernhardt doesn’t “represent Louisiana Democrats.”

Chambers stated that Bernhardt made the decision to “suspend rules” at a weekend meeting of party leaders in the state to limit his chances of receiving a single endorsement from the executive board.

The committee held a weekend debate that led to the decision to endorse three Democratic candidates for the Nov. 8 election, including Syrita Steib and Luke Mixon. All of these candidates are trying to unseat Kennedy in the December general elections. According to Fox News Power Rankings, Louisiana is a safe Republican seat.

After the committee’s decision, which was criticized by Chambers and other Democrats alike, Bernhardt issued a statement according to Louisiana’s KALB that stated that the Democratic State Central Committee’s duty was to “uphold our members’ will.”

Bernhardt stated that the members of the DSCC spoke with the vote and that it was their duty to uphold their will. “We believe all three endorsed candidates for U.S. Senate along with all our endorsed congressional candidates, and all Democratic candidates to PSC are strong candidates that can get voters to vote. We will support them all the way.

Despite Bernhardt’s actions to stop Chambers from being nominated by the party, the Louisiana Senate hopeful insists that Bernhardt isn’t a “reflection” of the party but rather a “reflection” of someone who is a quasi Republican trying to lead the Democratic Party.

Chambers stated that he thinks the Democratic Party must communicate better about the achievements of President Biden since taking office.

Discussing ways for Democrats and Republicans to come together to implement change for Americans, Chambers praised Democratic-controlled states across the country and insisted that “Southern states are the worst states in America” due to Republican leadership.

Chambers stated that his campaign is about promoting the “change people want to see.”

Chambers stated that he believes Louisianans want to make sure they have “no senator like Kennedy”. He also claimed Kennedy voted against infrastructure spending after Hurricane Ida.

Chambers was featured in an ad for smoking marijuana earlier this year. Chambers was asked about the advertisement and his hopes for it. He referred to Kevin Allen’s life sentence in Louisiana, which he received after he was arrested on charges of selling $20 worth marijuana to a friend.


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