Maddow: GOP, Trump ‘Running Against the American System of Government’

Screenshot: MSNBC

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow said Tuesday on “Deadline” that former President Donald Trump and Republicans were “running against the American system of government.”

Maddow said, “I think that if the Biden administration has weaponized the legal system of this country to only ever go after Republicans and conservatives and never go after Democrats, I think today proves that they are doing an absolutely terrible job of that. Boy, are they falling down on the job, allowing the president’s son not only to be prosecuted, but convicted.”

She added, “The important thing about this is that it gives lie to the Republican critique, to the Trump screed that there is something about the justice system that is skewed against them and is designed to help Democrats. I think we know in our heads that that hasn’t been a good faith critique, but a day like today should disprove, right? If they were arguing on a rational basis, that was based on facts. It’s not based on facts. It is just designed as an attack against the American system of government because they are running against the American system of government. And it is really not about the facts of any individual case, including those against Trump.”

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