MAGA Christian: Trends On Twitter Proving the Left Knows Nothing About Christians or Christianity


Twitter’s trending lists are a constant smorgasbord, often aimed at Trump supporters. Wednesday was no exception as the left tried to tell the platform that Christian Trump supporters weren’t Christian.

This is a rich example of people mocking Christians on a regular basis and whose convention booed God.

You can see the trending tweets here, but I will summarize them for you. Many of them wanted Christians to know that Jesus wasn’t European-looking and that Jesus was a socialist whom they would crucify for being a lefty snowflake.

Should we tell MAGA Christians that this is the true face of Jesus, produced by computer generated synthetic intelligence — based upon information compiled about him?

— Lakota Man (@LakotaMan1) September 13, 2022

First, I haven’t seen anyone really believe that Jesus looked like someone from Cambridge. After years of believing that conservatives were racist, the left believes that the right listens only to the teachings and words of the Son of God. They believe that describing Jesus with darker skin sends Republicans into pearl-clutching panic and conservatives to their fainting beds.

Christians wouldn’t mind if it were revealed that Jesus was actually black. But the left would care because it is full of racists who believe skin color is more important than anything.

There’s also the possibility that Jesus was a socialist.

Jesus was:
Middle Eastern
A child refugee
A socialist
Loved his neighbors

Jesus was NOT:
A Nationalist
Full of hate
Republican#RepublicanJesus #Republicans #MAGA

— Such A Nasty Woman (@TalithaDrgnfly) September 14, 2022

This is a favorite of the left, who loves to break it out every now and again to make it appear that the man they hate to follow and don’t believe would be their friend. According to reports, he would be a dictatorial big government that would seize wealth from the wealthy and gives it to the poor. He would then tell the right-leaning capitalists he was evil and then he would support abortion.

He wouldn’t because Jesus was not a socialist. The article below goes into more detail.

The left makes these claims to justify their greed and to ridicule Christians. They are displaying their ignorance about Christ and His teachings.

Jesus wasn’t a socialist. He made it clear that charity from the rich was something that should be encouraged. But He was not for taking money from wealthy people by force. And, what’s more? He didn’t hate rich people. Jesus disliked the love for wealth more than the love of God or people. Christ rejected money but he did reject greed.

Socialists tend not to care about the people but about wealth. Any socialist today will show you how they fight to preserve their wealth while trying to steal it from others. They will wear high-end clothing, drive expensive cars, and shop at exclusive places while claiming that the rich must pay their fair share.

Socialists love to claim they are of the people, while still living such lifestyles. This proves that there is no such thing as a socialist. Based on what I have read and the lessons he has taught me, I don’t think Christ would descend and affix a sickle and hammer to his chest and start preaching the gospels of Marx. He isn’t white enough or middle-class enough to do that. Keep in mind that Jesus was a Middle Eastern man with darker skin than you and not a Boulder college kid with snowy white hair.

None of us Christians today are perfect. This was Christ’s entire purpose in coming to earth. We would learn much about ourselves when Jesus returns and resumes his teachings. But I believe I can safely say that the Left doesn’t know who He is.

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