Maher Asks About Uncommitted Revolt Against Biden, but Answer Reveals an Even Bigger Problem for Joe

Janet Van Ham/HBO via AP

Bill Maher often has some good insights for a liberal, especially in a landscape where so many liberals seem to have hopped the crazy train in bizarre radicalism. He still believes in things like free speech, for example, in a real way. 

What holds him up to some degree, on the path to further enlightenment, is his TDS. He just can’t seem to let that go. But he is willing to put on Republicans and have rational discussions. He is also willing to call out a lot of the mania on the left, including the anti-Israel activists. 

On his show on Friday, Maher was exploring the question of the “uncommitted” revolt against Joe Biden. We saw how that cost Biden in Michigan, with more than 100,000 Democrats voting uncommitted in the primary, more than 13 percent. The left counts that as a success and they intend to employ it in other state primaries going forward, to try to get what they want. 

Maher asked Batya Ungar-Sargon, the opinion editor of Newsweek, what she thought about that effort. He notes, correctly, that it’s a “wedge issue in the Democratic Party.” But I don’t think she gave him the answer he expected.

“I think the media really wants to put this narrative out there that Biden is going to lose Michigan over Gaza when the truth is he’s going to lose Michigan over 600k auto workers. Because his EV market was extremely punishing to auto workers and like we said earlier, there’s been this big realignment where working class Americans are very very very much on the Trump train. People who used to be Democrats and used to vote for Democrats. 
And rather than admit that — this outrage that the Democrats lost the working class vote — and try to figure out how we can appeal to them again — they’re looking for excuses and other things to blame. Like, oh, this war in Gaza. Or they’ll call them deplorables. Or they’ll call them racists because they don’t want to admit that Trump has picked up a lot of the policies that used to be Democratic policies in the 90s. Like controlling the border for example — the idea that an open border and mass migration is extremely punishing to the working class. It drives down their wages. It’s class warfare against the working class. It is an upward transfer of wealth from the working class who end up competing with immigrants to the elites who end up employing them. And now they can employ cheap immigrants instead of having to pay working class Americans a living wage.”

Well said. 

Biden is going to lose some Democrats/leftists from the “uncommitted” crew of anti-Israel folks because there are some that just aren’t going to vote for him. But the bigger problem for him is what Ungar-Sargon said. And it translates to more than just Michigan. The border is a huge issue and that’s why the Democrats are trying so hard to spin this as a problem for Democrats but any American alive for the past few years knows that’s not true. And it’s insulting that they’re trying that effort. 

Americans remember the good economy under Trump and when they had money. Now all they see is the chaos. They don’t think Biden cares about their jobs, they think the cares more about the Democratic narratives such as on EV. That’s why even in a Bill Maher audience what Ungar-Sargon said got much applause, that’s why it’s resonating. That’s why even the UAW president admitted that most of their workers wouldn’t be voting for Biden. 


  1. There are so many issues that Biden has created for demos, their political agenda is on life support. Every dsy Americans are fed up with high prices on just about everything. His foreign give aways don’t help their cause as well. Immigration chaos and ignorance of what it means for our overall national security id the big nail in their ability to say they ar e working for the benefit of the American people.


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