Major Change Announced Regarding College Football Playoff Format


Friday’s unanimous vote by the College Football Playoff board of managers to increase the number of teams to 12 was a clear indication that they want it to happen soon, in 2024.

ESPN reports:

The board declared that it had approved the original 12-team model. It was revealed for the first time last summer by the presidents and chancellors of the eleven-member board.

The board of managers urges commissioners to adopt the new playoff format by 2024. Mark Keenum (Mississippi State president) says that there are still issues to solve.

He stated:

“There are still some issues to solve — some very obvious logistical challenges that need to address — but we hope [the commissioners] will be able to move this along as quickly as possible”. “Our commissioners and the management committee have been asked to investigate the possibility of a 12-team playoff format being introduced prior to 2026”. This could happen in 2024 or 2025.

The playoff format should be in place by 2026 so there are reasons to be optimistic. The CFP selection committee will determine which rankings to publish.

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey said:

“This day is great for college football’s future. Although there are still many things to do in order to make college football’s championship event a reality, it is encouraging to see that everyone is moving in the right direction and working towards the same goal”.

The original proposal was stopped due to politics. After UCLA and USC joined the Big Ten, the specific objections of the ACC and Big Ten to the University of Southern California (USC) began to fade.

Friday’s Pac-12 statement stated:

The Pac-12 strongly supports CFP expansion and welcomes CFP Board’s decision. We are looking forward to working with other conferences in order to complete the essential elements for an expanded CFP so we can launch as soon and as quickly as possible.

Keenum also added

We aren’t ignorant of the benefits of an expanded playoff. “We are not ignorant to see the added value of having an expanded playoff. I can tell you that I was involved in these discussions starting at the beginning. ”

Student-athletes will have a better chance of impressing the NFL Scouts by playing in a 12-team playoff format. They will also have a greater chance of being drafted. It will be easier for athletes to show their talent and work harder.


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