Man Arrested After Complaining About Palestinian Flags Flying in London, Criticising Mass Migration

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 14: People take part in a demonstration in support of Palestine at at Downing street on October 14, 2023 in London, England. Groups supporting Palestine protest at Israel's retaliation to Hamas attacks across the UK this weekend despite the Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, suggesting that waving Palestinian flags and using popular pro-Palestine slogans could be illegal under the Public Order Act in a letter she sent to police chiefs in England and Wales on Tuesday. (Photo by Aisha Nazar/Getty Images)

A man in London has been arrested after posting a video on social media complaining about Palestinian flags being flown in his neighbourhood and questioning why the government has allowed migrants into the country.

In yet another demonstration of the lack of freedom of speech in the United Kingdom, a man was arrested this week after merely questioning the government’s immigration policies as he filmed Palestinian flags flying from lampposts and storefronts in London’s Bethnal Green.

During the video, the so-far unnamed man said “This is the kind of shit that’s going on” as he filmed the foreign flags. He concluded by saying: “You let them into the country and this is the shite they come up with”.

A second video showed police coming to the man’s door in the evening to arrest him. A police officer was heard ordering the man to not attend any protests about Palestine. The officer cited the man’s comments about letting “them into the country” as justification for the arrest.

During the arrest, the man and his apparent family members decried the state of free speech in the UK, while asserting their right to criticise Hamas, which has been banned as a proscribed terror organisation by the British government.

In a statement confirming the footage, the Metropolitan Police said: “This video shows the arrest of a man on suspicion of a racially aggravated Section 5 public order offence.

“The arrested man was taken to an east London police station where he remains at this time.  We take all allegations of hate crime incredibly seriously. Where offences have taken place, our officers are attending, supporting victims and making arrests – and we will continue to do so.”

The London police force has come under increasing criticism over the past month for apparent double standards in policing protests, with the Met refusing to arrest pro-Palestine activists calling for “Jihad” against Israel on the streets of London.

Douglas Murray, the author of The Strange Death of Europe, said: “It seems that complaining about Palestinian flags being flown across our streets is now an arrestable offence. But calling for Jihad is not. This is going to get out of control very fast. The British public now see clearly what we are up against.”

Reclaim Party leader Laurence Fox laid the blame for the police’s actions at the feet of far-left London Mayor Sadiq Khan, whom he described as the “most divisive man to hold public office in recent memory”.

“The office of the Mayor of London should be disbanded. It’s a corrupt, partisan kleptocracy,” Fox said.

“We demand our capital city back. For ALL Londoners. Not just for doomsday cultists who glue themselves to the road, or terrorist sympathisers. If the police refuse to police without fear or favour, we are facing anarchy and violence.”


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