Man Beheads Young Mom in Broad Daylight


As shocked neighbors watched, a man used a samurai blade to kill a young mother of two.

The attack occurred in San Carlos, California. Although the victim and the alleged attacker were in a relationship, the woman obtained a temporary order of restrain against him in April.

Jose Solano Landaeta was the suspect and was taken into custody as he approached the crime scene officers were investigating.

Just before noon on Thursday, the attack occurred in front of the victim’s house. The 25-year-old mother had two little girls a one-year-old and a seven-year-old. She was left behind by her mother. According to reports, they were not present at the scene of the savagery. Child Protective Services (CPS), took the girls and a dog, along with two cats, into protective custody.

Gruesome Scene

Chapel Thorborne, a neighbor, said that the scene was barbaric.

Thorborne said that the head was under the car, and she was lying in the back with her head just cut.” They covered her up.”

Thorborne said that the suspect was “hurt, shocked, and disappointed”. “You could tell that he was walking by. I was like, ‘Yeah! They cut off somebody’s head, just lying there. ‘”

Thorborne stated further that the suspect was accompanied by two friends as they walked past Thorborne and approached the crime scene. He said, “And they walked right past me and they arrested them.”

During a press conference, Lt. Eamonn Alle of the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office said that “anytime someone loses his or her life it’s certainly tragic.” “As far as the shocking nature of the incident, I know that the first deputies to arrive on the scene were somewhat overwhelmed by it. We provide peer support. We also provide support to witnesses who were present on the scene, as there were many civilian witnesses.”

The sword has not been found by the police. Sources suggest that there was domestic violence in the woman’s past.


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