Manchin: Trump Elected Again ‘Would Destroy Democracy as We Know It’


    Thursday on FNC’s “Special Report,” outgoing Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) addressed speculation he would seek the White House as a third-party candidate in 2024.

    The West Virginia Democrat gave low marks to the two parties’ frontrunners, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

    He told FNC host Bret Baier he had little confidence in either and warned of consequences if Trump were to win a second term.

    “Well, first of all, we don’t know on Super Tuesday who the two candidates may be on the Democrat and Republican side,” Manchin said. “But right now, I guess all odds are they will be Donald Trump and Joe Biden. And I’m as honest as I can be with you, Bret. I believe that Donald Trump being elected again would destroy democracy as we know it. I — I’m concerned. I’m very scared because he’s already said what he would do. He’s going to use the power of the office for revenge. He’s going to basically — he doesn’t believe that — the only election — what he believes is, the only fair election is the one he won. And he doesn’t believe in the rule of law, to where the law only pertains to everybody but him.”
    “It’s a horrible situation,” he continued. “And I just — I’m scared of that. That would destroy our country as I know it. And Joe Biden is not the person when he came there saying, I know how it works, I can bring the country together, I’m a centrist. Well, he’s pulled clear far to the left. So, let’s see what happens. Will anybody change? I don’t know. Will the rhetoric change? But if we don’t mobilize the moderate, sensible, what — we’re going to call them the radical middle, OK, the radical middle. Those are people that make commonsense decisions, that run their life, that run their family, that run their businesses, from the center-left, center-right, not from the extremes.”

    “And that’s what’s happened,” he added. “And the business in Washington is too darn good. The Republican business and the Democrat business is pretty darn good here. And they’re not going to change their model. So, unless we push it, it’s not going to — nothing will change.”


    1. America Vote Out the Democrats and liberals and progressives and Rinos next Election We The People Demand Our Country Back from the Evil Tyrants of the Democrats

    2. Senator perhaps you should get out more often. Trump’s policy’s made America strongest it has been. Biden has done nothing but ruin America. Manchin talk to our Military, go to the gas station, go shopping for grocery’s. Look at the real inflation and compare the numbers to Trumps not to last years. Biden has been in office for almost 3 years and look at the country.
      Do you even get out of DC???

    3. Hay Munchkin, obviously the Democracy you are refering to destroying is not working very good with an out of control nutwit POTUS driving the bus, a democratic run Congress which has put the nation into the worst national debt position it has ever been in, out of control illegal immigration, woke nonsince destroying the fabric of our society, Media, DOJ, FBI, IRS out of control, threatened attacks on “our”Social Security invested Money, shipping money to prop up other nations while shorting our own people, allowing foreign “Refugees” to take over parts of our nation, members of our Congress openly defying the Constitution and Bill of Rights, members of Congress making laws for the average citizen but making themselves exempt from the same laws, placing people in trusted positions who violate the very principles of honesty, allowing and stroking racism in order to maintain more control, allowing our welfare system to exceed the National Defense Budget with no plan to help those on welfare to be educated and become an asset to society instead of a debt. Our education system has turned into a cess pool of communist or socialist propaganda which starts when children first go to school until graduation, fostering an inability to determine ones own gender and allowing or even fostering surgery for those who are confused who many times regret it only a few years after the unreversable surgery, allowing Sanctuary areas for illegals with no ramifications, having a Congress that is more interested in staying in office while making millions of dollars in graft and kickbacks than doing their jobs, members of Congress who have blatently lied to use with impunity and wasted millions of of our tax dollars. Is that the Government you are trying to protect? If so maybe YOU are part of the problem instead of the cure.

    4. I would never vote for Manchin. You can’t believe any thing he says. He flip- flops. He gave us the Green New Deal with Biden. WV doesn’t want him for Senator or President.. With Trump we could afford to eat. With Manchin and Biden the economy stinks. Border wide open crime everywhere our schools are a mess. Even the rules they set for our Military is insane. Who would want to vote for Manchin. Same gaebage as we have now.You can’t trust him. He talks good does .nothing.

    5. Hey Joe, as usual, you’re wrong again. Obama and Biden already damn near destroyed our Republic. Donald J Trump attempted to stop it and you, along with other Democratic losers fabricated millions of fraudulent vote in 2020 to stop him from saving our Republic. For a sitting US Senator who doesn’t recognize it’s why we’re in such terrible trouble both at home and abroad. This certainly shows your ignorance of what’s happening for the past 15 years. Go home and please do us a favor and stop lying like every DemocRAT.

    6. Maybe Joe Manchin should look at the current Dictator in the Oval office. The current occupant spends Billions with no authorization. He changes the monetary policy on his own. He destroys the energy segment on his own. Yes Joe I can go on and on about this Dictator of which you fully supported spending Trillions on dollars on his own.


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