Maniac Allegedly Murdered Female Coworker Who Repeatedly Refused His Advances


After a brutal shooting in the parking lot at the facility where they worked, a Minnesota man was charged with murder.

According to police, Nicole Hammond (28), of St. Cloud, Minnesota was shot in the neck shortly before 7 a.m., on October 24, 2018. Police arrived on the scene shortly after and tried to give Hammond lifesaving assistance, but she later died.

The coworkers of Hammond at Dubow Textile Inc. informed police that Jordan Carpenter, 36, was a Dubow Textile Inc. employee and had been seen in the parking lot just before a gunshot was fired. Then, he allegedly got in his car and fled the scene.

Police were also informed by coworkers that Carpenter was a bad temper and had made many romantic advances to Hammond. Hammond wasn’t interested. Police later discovered that Carpenter and Hammond had exchanged angry text messages just hours before Carpenter’s death. Hammond said in the text messages that Carpenter was not allowed to touch her or manipulate her. Hammond also asked him to “not make it uncomfortable at work.”

Police were questioning Dubow employees about the shooting when they discovered that Carpenter was talking on the phone with one of their employees. Carpenter was also located just a few miles from his sister’s Sauk Rapids home. Carpenter was found by police at Dubow and taken into custody without incident. Carpenter was arrested on one count of second-degree murder.

Carpenter later admitted to police that he was walking towards Hammond’s car when Hammond was killed and that he heard a gunshot. Carpenter then stated that he fled the scene after seeing Hammond’s badly injured body.

Police said that he did not render assistance, call 9-1-1, or go to work.

Carpenter never confessed to the murder of Hammond.

Rob Dubow, CEO of Dubow, stated that the management didn’t know Carpenter had harassed Hammond.

Dubow said, “Unfortunately we didn’t know.” “Whenever there is something that needs our intervention, we step up. In this instance, however, there was no indication of anything amiss.

He said, “Quite honestly it’s my worst nightmare.”

Carpenter’s appearance in court is unknown.

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