Marlon Wayans’ Cringeworthy Interview With Nathan Wade About His Relationship With Fani Willis

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I’m not sure I quite understand why former Fulton County special prosecutor Nathan Wade seems to be on a publicity tour. 

About a week ago, I covered how he went on CNN with Kaitlan Collins. When she asked that critical question of when the relationship with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis started, Wade’s team interrupted the interview and pulled him into the corner for a consult before continuing. His answer was ridiculous as he tried to claim it wasn’t a “relevant issue.” 


CNN Interview Goes Off the Rails As Nathan Wade Is Asked When His Relationship With Fani Willis Began

But at least CNN at least pretends to be a news show. 

Why exactly would Wade go on a skit for “The Daily Show” with Marlon Wayans? I’m not sure, except perhaps he’s trying to get more attention out of his 15 minutes of embarrassing fame. If he thinks he’s somehow remediating the embarrassment, it isn’t working and this isn’t the way. 

Wayans does a segment called, “Choppin’ It Up with Quon” with Wayans playing a character called “Quon.” 

Wayans was funny as he questioned Wade about his relationship with Willis. But Wade should never have done such a segment, not if he even wants to pretend to take any of it seriously. Of course, we already saw he didn’t care about having an affair with Willis and how that would affect the case. He even denied it was an affair in response to “Quon’s” first question. 

“What was your first thought when you had the affair with Fani become public between you and her?” Wayans asked. 

“I don’t label it an affair,” Wade replied. 

Wayans mentioned the inconvenient fact that he was married when he took up with Willis, “Wifey or?”

Wade insisted that Willis was “a respectable mother, a brilliant legal mind.”

Wayans teased him about needing a “foot rub” and asked, “How can you not hit that? How can you not? We spending that much time together, we doing everything, we might as well!”

Then Wayans compared it to the movie “Indecent Proposal” with Demi Moore.

Wade claimed that Willis was not his boss, that he was a contract attorney, and that she was more analogous to a “client.” 

Wayans then teased him about how well he did “serve” his “client.” 

Wade said he did his job, and that they should be talking about his successes.

Wayans again teased they were talking about “successes.” 

Wade claimed he was talking “about securing an indictment, talking about getting people to enter pleas.”

That’s when Wayans completely finished him off with a double entendre, “Right, enter pleas. Enter pleas, you gotta enter pleas.”

Wade claimed both that they “did not have that type of relationship at the outset” despite the evidence to the contrary. He also claimed,  “We were interviewing other people for the position.”

“Did that position look like this? Or did that position look like this?” Wayans assumed various positions including one with his feet up in the air.

Then “Quon” sort of chastised Wade for messing up what “might have ruined the best chance to hold Trump accountable for trying to end democracy. Now, what would you say to all the haters out there who can’t get laid?”

Wade said he got an indictment, which of course doesn’t answer the question, although the question was Democratic narrative nonsense. 

If Wayans hadn’t already finished him, he did him in here again, “What’s your advice to kids in the hood that’s out there that want to grow up and have big d**k potentially end democracy? That’s some lethal s**t if you ask me.”

Oh my. That was too much even for Wade. 

They cut away at that point and showed a “technical difficulties” screen. 

When they came back Wade said he didn’t know if he had any advice for young black men on the subject of “workplace romances.” What he said he did have advice for was that you can “do whatever you put your mind to.” 

I don’t know if Wade thought doing this would do for him, but it just made him look even more ridiculous by agreeing to be involved in such a skit. And frankly, I think it was an inappropriate way to deal with a serious matter especially when he has already been called out for inappropriate behavior in the matter. Anthony Michael Kreis, a Constitutional Law professor at the Georgia State University College of Law summed it up as “gross.”

“This is gross,” he said. 

“Nathan Wade should be embarrassed. And Fani Willis, whatever her mistakes, deserves better than this. As do the people of Fulton County.” 

Indeed, whatever you think about it from both sides of the aisle, it is cringeworthy that he would do it and not the way to address the matter. 




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