Martha’s Vineyard Begins Deportation of Group of 50 Illegal Aliens


Ron DeSantis, the brilliant Florida Governor, managed to bring 50 illegal immigrants into Martha’s Vineyard in just 36 hours.

Maybe the island’s inhabitants became too diverse.

Emilie Ikeda (NBC’s correspondent) posted video footage to Twitter Friday morning showing a number fifty Martha’s Vineyard bus boarding. They will then travel by ferry to Joint Base Cape Cod, where they will be processed and inspected by the Massachusetts National Guard. This was done in response to a “humanitarian crisis” that island officials described as occurring on Thursday.

The news that migrants were being bused off the island’s luxurious island was ridiculed immediately.

“So, Martha’s Vineyard’s’sanctuary jurisdiction’ claims to be an open community of illegal immigrants. But they bust them off the island in less than a day?” Tweeted DeSantis War Room.

Samantha J., a Boston Globe reporter, stated that 50 illegal aliens were being transported by multiple buses. There is one big bus and two smaller buses. She tweeted that people were taking selfies and wishing volunteers luck.

CNN had the story, making certain in its title that the migrants are “voluntarily” being transported to Joint Base Cape Cod for processing and shelter.

The outlet noted:

The migrants will be sent voluntarily to Joint Base Cape Cod, said Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, who added he’s activating up to 125 National Guard members to assist the relief effort.

Baker was very happy with Martha’s Vineyard community’s provision of temporary shelter for migrants in “immediate needs”.

Charlie Baker, Governor of Massachusetts (D), expressed his gratitude to everyone who helped to take care of the 50 illegal aliens. This enabled Martha’s Vineyard to go to DEFCON 1. This prevented a long-term humanitarian crisis. Together, the six small wine towns of Martha’s Vineyard are worth $20 billion. They have the financial resources to provide housing for 50 people and food.

Baker expressed gratitude for all the providers, volunteers, and officials who came to Martha’s Vineyard to offer immediate assistance to the people in need.

This story is still developing, we will continue to update once more information is available.


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