Maryland Governor Signs Bill Giving Abortion, Child Transgenderism Legal Protection


Legal protections for child transgenderism and abortion were signed into law by the Democratic Governor of Maryland on Wednesday.

Wes Moore, the Democrat governor of Maryland, has signed into law a bill that enshrines both abortion and child transgenderism procedures in the state’s law as fundamental rights.

The bill will also ban Maryland judges from requiring people in the state to give testimony in other U.S. states when the case involves allegations that someone partook in a restricted medical procedure or practice in that state — such as abortion or child sex change surgery — when such a procedure is legal in Maryland.

According to a report by broadcaster CNN, the governor justified the bill as making sure that no one had to “justify their humanity” while in the state, though the official showed no intention of extending the platitude to the unborn, with the official having previously attempted to pressure pharmacies across the United States into providing abortion pills.

The state’s Lt. Governor, Aruna Miller, meanwhile distanced Maryland from U.S. states currently working to heavily restrict both abortion and medical child transgenderism, including hormone therapy and irreversible sex change surgeries.

“While other states are dead set on ripping away reproductive rights and attempting to erase the existence of trans and nonbinary individuals, we’re doing the opposite,” Miller said. “We’re making Maryland a state that is welcoming, inclusive, and that safeguards the rights of all people.”

Also signed into law by Governor Moore was a bill requiring Medicaid to cover medical transgenderism in a so-called “nondiscriminatory manner” from the start of next year.




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