Matt Castelli Claims To Protect Gun Rights After Supporting Hochul’s Anti-Second Amendment Bills


After supporting the New York Governor, Matt Castelli, a Democrat, claimed that he would protect gun rights. Kathy Hochul (D) anti Second Amendment bills.

Castelli (R-NY) was Rep. Elise Stefanik’s midterm opponent. In a campaign ad, Castelli claimed that he would stand up for gun owners’ rights in an October 4th campaign ad.

Castelli, however, supported Hochul’s gun banning legislation which a federal judge has recently struck down. Castelli also stated that he would support “robust Red Flag laws” if he was elected to Congress.

Castelli appears to not be a strong believer of the Second Amendment. Castelli’s self-declared top coordinator for Castelli, Jennifer Mann, leaked an email last week. Mann claimed that the gun issue is incredibly “tricky” and Castelli couldn’t support a ban publically because he would “absolutely lose.” Mann also mentioned the “base’s obsession with guns.”

Castelli responded to a voter’s question about gun control when Castelli ran for office.

“I will get back to your with more details. As I stated, I’m not familiar with his position on gun control. The staffer stated that he is in favor of gun control, but that he doesn’t want to go into details because he doesn’t know the facts.

Castelli is running against Stefanik in New York’s congressional district 21. According to Cook Political Report, the district is rated R+8. In 2018, Cuomo/Hochul was on the gubernatorial election ballot. They lost by 26 percentage points to the Republicans.

Castelli’s online endorsement list does not mention Hochul. This is a significant political calculation. Castelli admitted that he was endorsed by radical Hochul, after refusing to promote the endorsement on his campaign site.

Hochul’s attacks against the Second Amendment are well documented. New York’s governor has created gun-free zones in the state. Other gun control measures she has passed include banning sale of AR-15s to anyone under 21.


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