Matt Walsh Twitter Hacker Gained Access to ‘Everything’

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Daily Wire host Matt Walsh’s Twitter account was hacked this week and the hackers reportedly gained access to “everything,” including Walsh’s email accounts.

Walsh’s Twitter account was hacked on Tuesday evening and the hacker sent out several antiemetic and racist tweets from his account.

The hacker pinned a tweet to Walsh’s profile that read, “My pronouns are That/N***a.” The hacker also wrote to Walsh’s Daily Wire colleague Ben Shapiro, “You Know What You Did, You Are A Closeted Homosexual And Hide Behind Being Jewish.”

The hacker also promoted a pro-LGBT rap song titled “Sassy Shooters.”

The hacker posted a photo of an iPhone screen that featured a text message form someone that read, “Your Twitter has been hacked,” suggesting they had access to more than just Walsh’s Twitter account.

On Wednesday, Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing announced the hacker gained access to “everything, including twenty years of Matt’s emails.”

The hacker, who identified with the alias Doomed, gave an interview with Wired and explained they gained access to Walsh’s account through a technique known as SIM Swamping.

“The attack typically involves hackers tricking a cellular provider into switching a victim’s phone number to a SIM card the hackers control, rather than the one in the victim’s phone,” Wired reported.

However, the hacker claimed they compromised Walsh’s phone with the help of an “insider.”

“I literally only wanted his Twitter account to make stupid tweets. And it worked, both sides are arguing over it,” the hacker told Wired.

“The intent was to make funny tweets, as Matt Walsh likes to ‘trigger’ people,” the hacker added. “We caused no financial harm, threatened anyone, [nor] ruined anything.”

“Hey, been gone for a couple days. Did I miss anything important?” Walsh joked in his first tweet back after regaining access to his account.

“Over the last year my family has been harassed, threatened, doxxed, and now we can add hacked to the list,” Walsh tweeted. “Apparently the hacker had an ‘insider’ who gave him access to my phone. A lot we still don’t know. But we’re finding out. And there will be consequences.”

“I have also made note of the members of the media who openly solicited stolen information from my phone. There will be consequences there too. Fortunately we can afford very good lawyers,” Walsh added.

Jordan Dixon-Hamilton is a reporter for Breitbart News. Write to him at or follow him on Twitter.


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