Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago Will End 2022 with at Least 723 Homicides

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s (D) Chicago will end 2022 with the tragic figure of at least 723 murders for the year.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported the city was at 723 homicides for the year as of December 30, 2022.

Moreover, the Sun-Times observed motor vehicle theft in Chicago was up 95 percent in 2022, when contrasted with motor vehicle theft in 2021. Theft was up 50 percent, burglary was up ten percent, and robbery was up ten percent.

Breitbart News noted 2021 was the deadliest year Chicago had witnessed in a quarter of a century.

The Hill pointed out Chicago police confirmed the city witnessed 797 homicides during the course of 2021.

Some city leaders spoke out about the the fact that the 723 homicides currently on the books for 2022 represents a slight decline over 2021 numbers. However, they quick to note that the city is still in a dangerous place.

For example, Susan Less, former deputy mayor for public safety, said, “[We] should not be patting ourselves on the back when the … absolute number of shootings and homicides is so high that people are afraid to do their daily functions. We are still in a crisis.”


  1. She should be forced to wear a baseball cap that has the number 723+, because more probably happened last night, across the front of it. Major Democratically controlled cities are cesspools of crime and destruction. Why?

  2. Re: Chicago. Post past statistics, not just 21 and 22. Chi Town has had gangs, many gangs, running so many serious money for so long that this may never slow down. Drug money and serious, deadly drugs. You critics need to understand what it is you’re complaining about before you blame and gripe. Get brave enough to walk down in those neighborhoods. I dare you.


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