McCabe: Palin Encouraging ‘Political Violence’ over Trump Arrest


CNN analyst and former FBI chief Andrew McCabe said Friday on “Inside Politics” that former Gov. Sarah Palin’s (R-AK) comments on civil war over the arrest of former President Donald Trump were encouraging “political violence.”

Anchor Dana Bash asked, “As somebody who was in the FBI and law enforcement for a very long time, how does that strike you?”

McCabe said, “It’s outrageous. I mean, to have political leaders, and she is certainly one, use language that validates and seems to permit, creates a permissive structure around this idea of political violence.”

He continued, “It’s absolutely irresponsible. It’s dangerous. She knows better. I don’t know what her calculation is for saying things like this or there’s just a kind of a desperate shot at attention or relevance. Who knows?”

McCabe added, “What she’s proposing is essentially extortion. Right? You don’t make decisions to not go forward with a valid prosecution, with a indictment that’s been returned by citizens who serve on a grand jury, simply because you’re afraid that the supporters of the person who you’re indicting might cause a riot. That’s the end of the rule of law, and that’s not acceptable.”

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