Meghan Markle Sparks Outrage With Her Surprise Uvalde Visit


Duchess Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, visited Uvalde in Texas on Friday to express condolences, lay flowers, and donate food following Tuesday’s horrific massacre that claimed the lives of 19 children and two teachers. The nation has been shaken by the shooting and many people have been affected.

Social media reactions to Markle’s visit were mixed. Some claimed that she had “pure intentions” as well as a “wonderful soul,” while others said it was all a publicity stunt.

The Daily Mail reports:

On Thursday, Markle was seen laying a bouquet full of white roses outside the Uvalde County Courthouse. This is not far from where the senseless murders at Robb Elementary School took place. A volunteer at the Uvalde community center told that she also visited the center, which is hosting a blood drive. She toured it and donated food. The person stated that she didn’t want anyone to know her identity.

The Duchess was casually dressed in jeans and a baseball hat, crossing her arms while she looked at the memorials for the victims. People Magazine reports that Meghan’s spokesperson described her visit to the victims as “a personal capacity as a mother, to offer condolences to the community in person.”

Daily Mail commenters disagreed and condemned the visit.

Fly private with an executive of your foundation. Bring your PR staff. Your security guard. You might want to bring a few photographers. (Yes, they can be seen in the photos as well as in the video where they are leaving the site. They surround Meghan with their cameras around her neck and follow her. Mission accomplished. Send some food and photos to the volunteers. You could have given cash instead of flying in a private plane. Instead, write a check for the same amount.

Many people also pointed out that Meghan’s father Thomas, who she had split from, suffered a stroke in recent weeks. He is currently in hospital and Meghan has not been able to visit him. Others claimed there were Netflix cameras at the site. However, this has not been confirmed. However, you can see a security team in the photos. This makes her claim that she didn’t want to be recognized seem hollow.

Fairness be told, Meghan has a lot of support from the community, and some have reacted to critics with the expected charge of racism.

People can find a lot of things to a fault in Meghan Markle, but it has nothing to do with her race. Prince Harry, her husband, is equally criticized for his antics. He’s not even black.

Markle and Harry have a history of controversy. They decided to quit the British royal family in 2020 to take a “progressive role” and leave their senior positions. The Queen refused to allow them to keep their titles and many perks. They also “begged” for privacy, but their frequent public appearances make it seem otherwise.

Personally, I didn’t pay much attention to the Royal family. To me, it was a British thing and not an American one. After I was married to a family who had immigrated from the British Commonwealth, I would often tune out of their lengthy, exaggerated discussions about what was happening at the palace. I don’t hate Meghan Markle, and until now, I didn’t think her antics were of national import.

Meghan Markle should not go to Texas except to get publicity. Parents of victims are so hurt right now that they don’t want a pseudo-princess posing for photos. It doesn’t matter if she likes it or not, she is a celebrity. And the scene of a horrific, heartbreaking massacre is not the place for celebrities to make an appearance. It’s best to stay at home unless you are an expert providing concrete help, and not just visiting a blood donation facility. Beto O’Rourke is officially in competition for the title Most Tone-Deaf Response to Uvalde.


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