Mike Lee Isn’t Done With Liz Cheney Yet. He Had a Great Question for Her About Those FBI Agents and J6

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

As I wrote earlier, former Jan. 6 Committee member Liz Cheney had a fit that the House Speaker Mike Johnson released all of the Jan. 6 video. 

Why? It didn’t help the narrative that she had been pushing, when it showed people being escorted through the building by the Capitol police — behaving peacefully — with protesters and police even shaking hands. 

She tried to deflect from those videos by posting a montage of violence from that day. But no one is saying that there wasn’t violence. What they are saying is that the whole picture was kept from people, and that the Committee didn’t release the video because it showed something other than the narrative they promoted to attack Republicans before the 2022 election. 

But Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) wasn’t having any of that and pointed out exactly why she wanted to deflect from videos that were just released. He noted that the Committee “hid” the videos/didn’t release them to the public to make sure all that people saw was the violence. And he asked how many of the people involved on Jan. 6 were “feds.” 

Now, Cheney has responded to this post — and Lee has put her on the spot again. 

What’s a conspiracy about what he said? The Committee refused to release the video. Now we know why. The “conspiracy” that Democrats promoted was that everyone was a “violent insurrectionist.” 

But Lee wasn’t finished with her.

“Shouldn’t the J6 committee have been demanding answers to this question?” Lee wrote, linking a story about how the FBI had lost count of how many informants they had at the Capitol on Jan. 6; they had to do an audit to figure it out, according to an ex-official. 

The Committee should have demanded answers, if they were interested in the truth. But they weren’t interested in that. If they were, they would have put people on the Committee who weren’t biased, that wanted the truth. But they wanted to push only one narrative, to use it as a means to attack Donald Trump and Republicans in the run-up to the 2022 election. 

Calling someone a conspiracy theorist without presenting any facts to rebut what he presents is weak sauce. But she can’t dispute the truth of the newly released video. Meanwhile, it was the Committee who hired an ABC former president and “documentary storyteller” to sell their production, while leaving out the newly released video. 

So far, I haven’t seen a response from Cheney as to Lee’s question, and I don’t expect an answer from her to that, because she has no honest answer to it. She didn’t want the American people to know that part of the story either or ask what the involvement of agents was. 

Then she wonders why she lost so badly. 

Lee also had a comment about this fascinating video, which shows a “protester” being released, after having been handcuffed, away from other protesters. Many raised the question if this was an undercover agent, since he fist-bumped the police officer. 

Chances we will get a straight answer while the Democrats are in power? Not high, but Congress should try. 


  1. We all know the whole Jan. 6th was a hoax perpetrated by democrats and the politicized FBI. Liz Cheney is a die hard democrat not even a rino. The only reason she ran as a republican in Wyoming is because its a deep red state and she would never have been elected if she ran as a democrat.


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