Mike Lee Takes off the Gloves Over Schumer and McConnell’s ‘Corrupt Approach to Legislating’

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With the release of the Senate’s $106 billion supplemental aid and border security bill reportedly imminent, Republican Sen. Mike Lee (UT) not only wants nothing to do with the so-called “bipartisan” bill; he’s also had enough of Senators Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell’s “corrupt approach to legislating.” 

Lee fired off a lengthy X (formerly Twitter) post on Thursday, in which he thoroughly blistered both the bill—and Schumer and McConnell. He began by recounting a short conversation with a reporter. 

Lee was surprised by his own quick reaction to the reporter’s question about whether he’d be ready to vote for the bill by Tuesday.

“Rather,” Lee wrote, “it was directed at the Law Firm of Schumer & McConnell (‘The Firm’), which is perpetually trying to normalize a corrupt approach to legislating—in which ‘The Firm’:

Lee continued: “Whenever The Firm engages in this practice, it largely excludes nearly every senator from the constitutionally prescribed process in which all senators are supposed to participate.”

Which is precisely what’s happening with the border bill. 

When we reach a point in this country — we’re already there — where the Democrat Party reduces the security of the United States to a political give-and-take, in which it (and its president) claims they will secure the southern border in exchange for Republican votes to send an additional $60 billion to Ukraine for their never-ending war with Russia, we’re looking over the cliff.

“By so doing,” Lee said, “The Firm effectively disenfranchises hundreds of millions of Americans—at least for purposes relevant to the legislation at hand—and that’s tragic, adding: “It’s also unAmerican, uncivil, uncollegial, and really uncool.”

“So why does The Firm do it?” the senator asked.

Every time The Firm utilizes this approach and the bill passes—and it nearly always does — the Firm becomes more powerful. Lee wrote:

“It’s through this process that The Firm passes most major spending legislation,” said Lee, making it crystal clear that he wants zero to do with the supplemental aid/border bill. 

Lee concluded, “Depending on how long it is and the complexity of its provisions, the minimum period of time we should devote to this bill after it’s released should be measured in weeks or months, not days or hours.”

I’d add only one caveat. 

Any bill that includes annually allowing nearly two million illegal aliens into the country should be flat-out rejected by every Republican in both the House and Senate — including Mitch McConnell. That is, if Chuck Schumer would allow him to do so, of course.

The Bottom Line

As I reported earlier on Saturday, Elon Musk on Friday correctly explained why Biden intentionally created the open-border crisis — and why he and the Democrats (despite their protestations to the contrary) fight so hard to keep it open.

Nuff said.


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