Minnesota Republican Scott Jensen Leads Governor’s Race


Unexpected polls show that Dr. Scott Jensen is leading Tim Walz, his Democrat opponent in the Minnesota governor’s race.

The Alpha News/Trafalgar Group poll, which surveyed 1,091 likely voters for general election between October 17 and 19, showed that Jensen is slightly ahead of Walz at 46.3 percent to 45.8%. The narrow lead is a positive indicator that Jensen may win the election, even though Walz is the incumbent governor.

In September, the same poll showed Jensen trailing Walz 2.7 points.

Nearly five points separate Republican candidate Jim Schultz and Democrat Keith Ellison in the race for attorney general.

Minnesota could swing Republican in the midterm. This is despite the rioting in Minneapolis following George Floyd’s death at the hands Officer Derek Chauvin. According to Breitbart News, Minneapolis’ shift likely stems out of a growing frustration with crime.

Americans, as well as Minnesotans, are becoming more concerned about rising crime rates. According to a September poll, 41.5 percent of Minnesotans ranked reducing crime as their top priority. A Politico poll conducted nationwide this month revealed that 77% of Americans believe violent crime is a serious problem in the United States.

Dr. Scott Jensen has been a strong advocate against rising crime rates. He has proposed harsher penalties for crimes that Democrats have shown leniency towards such as carjackings, theft, and other criminal acts.

His website states that “The exact moment everyone realized there wasn’t leadership on public safety was when we saw Minneapolis burn for days without any response from the state government.” It’s only gotten worse and there is no end in sight, because Tim Walz & Peggy Flanagan lack the political will to make any changes. We have a plan for Minnesota to end cold crime.”


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