Missing Georgia Mom’s Body Found After Messaging Daughter ‘They Won’t Let Me Go’


Debbie Collier (59-year-old Georgia woman) disappeared on September 10, after she left a chilling note for her daughter. Her remains were found in the woods near her abandoned rental car by investigators the next day.

Amanda Bearden, Collier’s daughter, told authorities that her mother sent her $2,385 on Venmo along with a message that – according to the police report – read something to the effect of “they won’t let me go, there is a key to the house underneath a flower pot.”

According to Now Habersham, Bearden told police that her mother had only brought her debit card and driver’s license with her. Collier’s daughter claimed that she called her mother several times, but was unsuccessful.

SiriusXM and Habersham County police worked together to locate Collier’s van rental. The van was found by police on September 11th, as it pulled off the highway near a wooded area. Police reported that the vehicle was unoccupied and locked.

Bearden arrived on the scene to confirm that the van belonged to her mother. According to Bearden, her mother couldn’t have walked too far away from the van because of her back.

Collier was located by a K-9 unit that was sent to the scene. Police found a red bag and remnants of a fire in their search. As they continued to look down the embankment, officers also found a blue tarp that had been burned.

The body of a naked woman was discovered by deputies as they continued to search. According to police, she was lying on her back and holding a small tree in her hand. The remains of the woman were identified as those belonging to the missing mother.

Although the circumstances surrounding Collier’s death have not been released by authorities, the investigation is being considered a homicide. No suspects have been identified at this point. Collier’s cause will be determined by the state medical examiner’s Office.

The Habersham County Sheriff’s Office stated that “over the past few weeks, actions were taken to further the investigation as well as collect evidence that might lead towards possible suspect identification.”

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