Mom Threatens Texas House Meeting With Ambulance-Chasing Lawsuits Over CRT


A mom threatened to sue the Texas House of Representatives Education Meeting for teaching critical race theory to her daughter in an interview.

“If my daughter is ever taught CRT, I will sue.” Gabrielle Clark, a mother, stated at a hearing about public education.

“I’m an atheist, bisexual, bi-racial, homeless person… I do not want my child to be taught that just because she is Black and a woman she ain’t gonna make it. I do not want my daughter to be taught that she needs to express herself sexually in her classroom.”

Clark explained that Clark’s comments at the meeting were preceded and clarified by her explanations. Clark explained that her two children aged school, a son, and a girl, were “indoctrinated with CRT and [social and emotional learning span>

At the meeting, she said that she would swear to You and make it a class-action lawsuit ambulance-chasing business.

Clark filed a suit in December 2020 alleging her son was taught the oppressor/oppressed narrative by a Nevada class. This violated her constitutional free expression rights.

Clark said that he was not going to leave his son to oppose it. ”

Clark decided to move to Texas to “save” her daughter from the “indoctrination of gender ideology.” She arrived in Texas in January 2022.

She stated, “I also had the responsibility to surround my child with people who believed in affirming… reality. ” “I couldn’t trust the school to tell me the truth. She stated that she couldn’t believe it and knew that they would lie to my face. ”

To attend the meeting, she drove three hours from her house to Austin. She stated that she had to stay in a hotel for the night to be able to express her views.

Clark stated that Clark strategically placed his head so that you couldn’t see the hole in a wall. ”

Clark stated CRT is an approach to teaching children in an age-appropriate manner. Clark said that topics should be taught in college or higher education and not in K-12.

She stated that it was not appropriate to bring a cadaver into an anatomy class to teach children about anatomy.

“We’re not going to give a 7-year-old a scalpel and then tell them to find a kidney. They are made to feel like victims forever.

Clark said at the meeting that “Y’all are trippin’.”

Clark said that it should not take “bureaucratic steps” to remove pornographic books from public schools.

We should say, “hey, this pornography is at the library. The sheriff will come to your house and take it. Anyone could read this book to my child.

Clark also criticized the left’s push to use gender-inclusive language during the meeting.

Clark said, “she will continue to fight daily from now on. “

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