‘Moms for Liberty’ Co-Founder Demolishes Joy Reid’s Argument for the Left’s ‘Book Banning’ Rhetoric

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Democrats can’t present a record of achievement. So as they go into the elections, they always hype the fear factor and attack the evil Republicans who you must fear. It really doesn’t matter who the Republican is, for those that think that if former President Donald Trump were not in the discussion, that the Democrats would play nice. They painted Mitt Romney as an evil guy who wanted to abuse dogs and was mean to people with cancer. Romney is a lot of things, but that was just ridiculous. 

So, one of the things they’re pulling out is this fiction of “Republicans want to ban books” and step on our liberties (even as Democrats try to prevent people from voting for the leading GOP candidate by attempting to boot him off the ballot). 

MSNBC’s Joy Reid had Moms for Liberty co-founder Tiffany Justice on her show to talk about the issue. 

Reid presented some of the fallacious points, which Justice just demolished. 

The first was some fiction that this was somehow a few “activist parents” telling kids what they could read; as she put it: They  “get to decide what books tens of thousands of children get to read.” Reid asked whether “liberal” parents, “African American” parents, and “LGBTQ” parents had the same rights, and Justice replied that every parent of a student has the right to speak out. 

Justice noted that what parents are objecting to is graphic sexual content not appropriate for a school library. She also destroyed Reid’s claim that this was “banning books.” 

Exactly. Anyone can get these books and give them to their child if they want. But schools have always made a judgment about what’s appropriate to put in a school library. Parents and the board have usually had a say in that. Now, it’s the Democrats suggesting parents shouldn’t, and sticking up for books that some would call porn. Not exactly a winning election point with parents. 

Reid tried to argue that some things were “taken out of context,” and the host asked the mom what “expertise” she or the other parents had to comment on some books. As though parents don’t have a right to weigh in on what their kids have access to read; only the “experts” can tell them what’s appropriate. But Justice leveled that, too. 

The mom said:

Joy started sputtering, and claiming Justice wasn’t an “expert.” 

“I’m interviewing you, you’re not interviewing me. Let’s make sure it’s a conversation,” she said, not liking that she was being challenged and her points busted. 

Then Justice finished Reid off, “I don’t have to be an expert to know that dildos aren’t appropriate for public school. C’mon let’s get real.”

Game, set, and match. 


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