Morial: SCOTUS Is Functioning as a ‘Trumpian’ Super Legislature — ‘Right Wing Coup’


National Urban League President Marc Morial said Friday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” that the Supreme Court was functioning as a “Trumpian” super legislature which reflects a “right-wing coup.”

Morial said, “These decisions, I feel are a spear through our hearts. This court is a political court. This court is a Trumpian court. These decisions are Trumpist decisions. They involve the overturning of long-held precedents. In the case of the affirmative action decision, in the case of student loans and LGBTQ rights, they involve the court functioning as a super legislature.”

He continued, “Its political nature and the fact that these decisions wreak of politics cannot be misunderstood. We can have intellectual arguments about the Equal Protection Clause, about Freedom of Religion. But let me query this, if I create a religion today that said that black people and women and brown people are inferior, and that’s what I believe from a religious point of view, could I refuse them? And say my religion says I don’t have to serve them.”

He added, “The court’s decision is altering the constitutional landscape for this country in a way that is so inconsistent with the last 50, 60 years of progressive change in this country.”

Morial concluded, “We will fight very hard to confront this. I think this will be an issue for voters across the board. It’s important to look at these decisions not independently, but to look at them together and understand that they reflect, if you will, a right wing coup on this Supreme Court.”

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