MSNBC Sounds Alarm On Hispanics Fleeing Democratic Party


Steve Kornacki, MSNBC’s host, put the spotlight on Hispanic voters that fled the Democratic Party Monday. One guest suggested that modern Democrats are too liberal for Latino workers-classes.

Kornacki stated that the “one most important stories” from the 2020 election was the shift of Hispanic vote. Kornacki stated to MSNBC viewers, that Democratic presidential candidates lost 17% Hispanic votes between 2016 and 2020.

Ruy Teixeira was a senior nonresident fellow at American Enterprise Institute and was featured on MSNBC 2002. Hispanic support could help Democrats become “party for the 21st Century”, he stated. Since then, he has changed his mind as he now believes that Hispanic voters and the working-class have lost interest in liberal ideology.

Teixeira said that Democrats are sensitive about immigration. These voters are concerned about their up-skilling, job prospects, safety in the community, and health care. All of this was lost in the 2016-2020 transition.

Teixeira stated that Democrats have become “far less socially liberal,” which could not be a positive thing.

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