MSNBC’s Reid: Claudine Gay a Casualty of Right’s ‘Open War on Black Progress’


MSNBC anchor Joy Reid said Tuesday on “The ReidOut” that Harvard University ex-president Claudine Gay was a casualty of the right’s “open war on black progress.”

Reid said, “I do just want to pivot to another thing. Because there’s another thing happening. There- there is this sort of open war on Black progress, Black history. Claudine Gay, the president of Harvard University, at least up until she resigned, is now the latest casualty of that.”

She continued, “Christopher Rufo, who is out there touting and, you know, high-fiving and claiming the scalp of Claudine Gay, telegraphed that this was what they were going to do. They were going to associate these DEI professors of colleges with BLM and, decolonization and Hamas in the public mind and get rid of them. He’s now claiming victory. He telegraphed that this was the campaign. Why are these elite colleges capitulating to it and essentially making it so uncomfortable for these women leaders that they have to step down to be replaced by white men? Because that is the goal of Christopher Rufo and his gang.

She added, “There’s no intellectual inquiry about it. They’re just trying to take out any woman or person of color who leads elite universities so they can give them to the people they prefer, which is the guys who used to have them in the 50s.”


  1. If Gay’s achievements are protocol for Black advancement, they should be ashamed not proud . Her acts were criminal.


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