MUST WATCH: Climate Activists Find Out It’s Not a Good Idea to Try to Rush the Stage at Murkowski Event

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

We’ve seen climate activists try all kinds of wild things for attention to push their cause, from blocking roads and gluing their hands to things to smearing things on great works of art. 

On Thursday, things didn’t end well for activists from Climate Defiance at an event involving Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Murkowski was giving.a speech at the Bryce Harlow Foundation’s awards ceremony. She was also receiving their Bryce Harlow award. But then about a dozen climate protesters reportedly rushed the stage and found out that wasn’t a great idea. 

Several men in suits and guests grabbed protesters who were holding a banner. One of the protesters was then pushed back over a table. They all appeared to struggle, and then they all went flying, toppling off the stage and onto the floor. You can hear one person chanting that they accuse Murkowski of “ecocide.” 

The activists claimed: 

Murkowski is a murderer. She incinerates us to enrich her cronies. As Chevron’s top lobbyist gave her an award, we stepped in and stopped the ceremony. Respect us or expect us

That sounds like a threat. They claimed they shut down the event, but in fact, they were removed and Murkowski finished her speech. 

The funny thing is Murkowski is a moderate and promotes things like climate studies. 

But it’s never enough, they always want more. They’re mad about her support of various things like the Willow Project. I’m going to guess that this is not going to help their cause with her so… good job, guys. 

Plus add another one to the pile of things that turn off most Americans from their “cause” when they do things like this.

But they have gotten acknowledgment from the Democrats in the past, even with actions like these, and that’s on the Biden team. They reportedly gave them a meeting with John Podesta, Biden’s climate head, even after they tried to shut down one of his events. They demand the end of all fossil fuel production and want to hold Joe Biden to his promise of “no more drilling.”

They’re going to find out that former President Donald Trump is not going to be as accommodating when he comes back. 

People had a lot to say on X about this.


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