My Pillow Owner Mike Lindell Says He Was Swarmed by FBI in Hardee’s Drive-Thru


Trump crony and pillow-meister Mike Lindell declared on his TV program, “The Lindell Report” that the FBI had pinned him in a Hardee’s drive-thru and taken his phone.

Lindell and a friend returned from Iowa fishing trips and stopped at Hardee’s fast food restaurant in Mankato.

The Really Big Hardee hamburger is made up of three patties and 1,170 calories. An average person needs 2,000 calories daily.

Lindell claimed that he ordered his food, then moved ahead when a car pulled up in front of him. Lindell said to his fishing buddy that he ordered his food and moved forward when a car pulled up in front of him.

Lindell, who is friendly and friendly, claims that he got out of his car and asked “Who are you?”

An FBI agent claimed to be the identity of an agent. Lindell requested the badges of the FBI. He asked them if they would arrest him. They replied that they didn’t want to arrest him, but wanted to have a conversation. Lindell looked almost disappointed that they wouldn’t take him in.

The FBI then asked Lindell questions regarding voting machines in Colorado and Dominion. After a 15-20 minute conversation, Lindell claimed an FBI agent told him, “I have terrible news, we are taking your phone.” and produced a warrant.

Mike Lindell has made it clear that he believes the 2020 election was stolen. He produced two documentaries, “Absolute Evidence” and “Absolute Interference” about the event. Since then, most big chain stores have stopped carrying his “My Pillow” products.

Agents were told by Lindell that he uses his smartphone to manage five companies and his hearing aid. He can’t stop using it. Then, he claimed that he called his lawyer and asked him to pay it back.

“I just want to add this for the record: They were very nice men.”

Lindell was one of more than 40 Trump associates who received a visit from the FBI recently as part of what appears to have been a sweep of Trump’s supporters, friends, and associates.

Here’s Mike talking about the situation.

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