Nancy Pelosi Refuses to Say if She Will Step Down from Leadership, Says Democrats Have to Change the Inflation Subject


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.Calif.) spoke in an interview on Sunday. However, she was reluctant to discuss inflation or whether she would resign from her leadership role in the new Congress in January.

Pelosi spoke on CBS News’s Face The Nation Sunday show. Pelosi was asked about inflation, which is the most pressing issue facing American voters going into the midterm elections. She was followed by questions about the economy and jobs.

Pelosi stated, “And the truth is, that when I hear people talking about inflation, it is necessary to change that subject.” “Inflation has become a global phenomenon.

Democrats are losing the battle against inflation. A new ABC News poll has found that 36% believe Republicans can handle record inflation, compared to 21% who believe in Democrats.

Pelosi said that the record-breaking inflation in the United States has been justified by the European Union, the European Union, and the U.K. “The E.U.,” the British, have a higher rate of inflation than we do here.”

It’s not inflation. Pelosi said that it was about the cost to live. “If you look at the things we’ve done to lower the cost of prescription drugs and to lower the cost -of energy, you’ll see that the Republicans have opposed everything. They have no plans to lower the cost to live or help with inflation.

Bloomberg reported last month that August electricity bills for US customers rose the most since 1981. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, they gained 15.8% compared to the same period a full year ago.

Brennan asked Pelosi whether she regretted sending $1,400 checks out and passing massive pandemic relief bills. Brennan also wanted to know if they contributed to inflation.

“No, absolutely not, because this was essential for people to survive.” She replied, “Our purpose.” “But the point is, that when you reduce unemployment it’s inflationary.” This is a fact.

Brennan mentioned a CBS News poll which found that abortion was the seventh most important issue Americans are concerned about. The top concerns were the economy, inflation and crime, and immigration. Pelosi was asked by Brennan if Democrats had made a mistake in focusing on abortion messaging while seemingly neglecting the economy.

“Well, this is all I can say.” Pelosi responded, “Nobody ever thought elections were about the future.” They’re about the economy. Everyone knows this. It’s not that we are doing abortion more than the economy. But it is – it’s both. And I can assure you, that this issue is extremely provocative and encourages people to vote throughout the country.

Brennan asked Pelosi whether she plans to continue in leadership roles when the new Congress takes place in January.

Pelosi replied, “I’m talking about that.” “I’m here to discuss how we win the elections.”

The 82-year-old Democrat said, “I’m here not to talk about myself.” “I’m here for the future, America’s working families, and the children, it’s always about children.”

Pelosi made a promise in December 2018 to resign as the House’s top Democrat by 2022.

Pelosi stated in a statement almost four years ago that “Over the Summer, I made clear that I see myself as a bridge for the next generation leaders, a recognition of my continuing responsibility mentor and advance new members into positions of power, responsibility, and in the House Democratic Caucus.”

She said that there had been conversations for some time to promote a proposal to establish term limits for senior leadership positions within our Caucus. “This proposal was created by members who care about the House of Representatives and would allow Members in senior leadership positions to serve three terms with an additional term with the support of two-thirds of the Caucus. It would also include the two terms that the Democratic Majority served from 2007 to 2011.

“It is my understanding, that Caucus Chair Hakeem Jeffreyries and the incoming Rules Committee Chairman Jim McGovern will bring up this proposal to have a discussion and vote by February 15,” Pelosi stated, “I am comfortable with the proposal, and would abide by it regardless of whether it passes.”


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