NBC News Report Blows Apart January 6th Committees Claim of Trump Assaulting Secret Service Agents


Tuesday was spent by the anti-Trump coalition giggling about Cassidy Hutchinson’s January 6th testimony before the committee. She is a former White House aide and called it “game-changing”. They also suggested that the walls are closing in on President Donald Trump. Her testimony was actually more of the same. Hearsay is full of lies that don’t add up to much, even if they were true.

The January 6th committee’s latest hearing reaffirmed the fact that it doesn’t exist in order to provide any evidence. It exists to dump as much garbage as possible against the wall in the hope that the sheer volume of claims will lead people to an unsupported conclusion.

Hutchinson’s testimony provided the most compelling example. He claimed that Trump was so eager to wage insurrection against the Capitol Building, that he attacked two Secret Service agents and tried to grab control of the car he was driving. It sounds incredible, right?

Hutchinson’s testimony centered on the fact that she heard it through a friend. Only the clowns of the January 6th committee were able to stand up to someone who didn’t see anything that Hutchinson claimed to be “bombshell” evidence of a grand conspiracy to be incorrect. Even if her statements were true, they didn’t make for a smoking gun. Apart from the fact that Trump wanted to storm Nancy Pelosi’s building and steal her beer, there could have been many other reasons.

Hutchinson’s bizarre claim is, of course, false. Just hours after the media frenzy proclaimed Trump’s certain demise (and the brilliance and the January 6th committee), an NBC News report blew everything away.

It’s amazing how the events unfolded to dump all the pressure on Liz Cheney and her band of Democrats. How is it possible that Hutchinson was allowed to testify about something so simple to fact-check? It should have been clear that the Secret Service agents who served Trump had shown him respect, as was reported in the past.

This is the only conclusion I can draw from it: The January 6th committee is full of idiots. They thought an aide could spin fanciful third-hand stories and there would be no resistance. It didn’t make sense. It is believed that Trump, a 74-year-old, overweight man, gained the front seat in the presidential limousine (or suburban, depending on who you ask). He also overtook two Secret Service agents to “grab” the steering wheel. He had to say, “Take me to the Capitol.”

I cannot stop laughing. This entire episode is hilarious to me. I hope that the January 6th committee continues these hearings for entertainment purposes. I hope Republicans remember those who, on their side, rushed to swallow absurd and completely absurd accusations against Donald Trump.


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